Not Gonna Do It, Wouldn’t Be Prudent

Here is the second installment of my list. If you are asking yourself “whatever list could Maggie be referring to? to which list is Maggie referring? refer Maggie to list which?” Read this post if you need to know what is going on. The spacing is pissing me off just so you know I wanted more white space. Stupid spacing.
Oh my Christ this spacing thing is pissing me off. I keep changing and previewing and changing and freakin’ previewing and it’s not doing it! Punch out this stupid WordPress ragga fragga
100 Things To Do That Make Life Exciting, Fulfilling
or Better Than the Lives of People Who Haven’t Done These Things.
The “No Way in Hell” Edition in 13 Easy Items

1. Play in a band — I, uh, I don’t… I mean, no. Play what in a band? Doesn’t matter, no thank you.

2. Bungee jump—Absolutely not. No thank you. See bungee cord breaking here.

3. Watch a lightning storm at sea – Does this mean I am out at sea or the Storm is at sea? Is this in person? If the requirement is that I am at sea on a boat during a storm. Thank you, but no.

4. Run a marathon – Uh no, no I won’t do this. Thank you anyway.

5. Go on a cruise – You know what?! You go on a cruise! Do NOT go on a cruise, see here.

6. Go rock climbing — No thank you.

7. Visit Africa — Have you seen The Constant Gardener? I have. No thank you.

8. Go deep sea fishing – See cruises

9. Go sky diving – No, don’t boss me.
10. Fly in a helicopter – No!
12. Ride a speeding motorcycle — Nooooo! Although I’m thinking I may have done this but I will NOT going forward.
13. Kill and prepare an animal for eating – Nope. I’d wind up a vegetarian and I don’t want to have that befall me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This post is ruined.


Yes, I know it looks like shit, I have no idea what is going on. Just delete it… ugly, crowded, loser post.

41 thoughts on “Not Gonna Do It, Wouldn’t Be Prudent

  1. Only have completed numbers 6, 10 and 12 and that’s more than enough. The rest of em’ well I don’t have a death wish.:). Sometimes the blogs do inexplicable, ANNOYING things. You can try contacting the team at WP but sometimes those who respond sound as if they’re from outer space.

    1. Well you are one brave chick because I wouldn’t even do #1 with a tambourine. That doesn’t sound right. I’m too lazy to contact WP, I’ll just bitch about it. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Well I strongly disagree with you on some of these but we can kumbaya over cruises, although sadly I have already been on one. The phrase “floating state fair” seems an apt description, in my experience. Which was bad, if you need me to clarify. Down with cruises! So to speak!

    (I just realized I am logged in as you but logging out seems like too much work for both of us. THIS IS YOUR SISTER MOLLY PROVIDING VALUABLE COMMENTARY ON CRUISES, FYI)

  3. I was just tripping a bit there thinking “Oh my Gawd, I’m giving me advice and I don’t even know it!”

    We could start an Anti-Cruise Non-Profit to educate people on the physical and emotional and social dangers of cruising.

    What do you strongly disagree with me on? You wanna fight?

          1. If you are in charge of defeathering and skinning and however you prepare eagles…you KNOW how I feel about that! Maybe we can just have them cook it up at the club.

  4. hmmm…. if it’s a very hot day, I could have A beer. And no matter the weather, Pinot Gris (it’s poultry). So one beer, a couple of bottles of wine and a Federal arrest warrant probably.

  5. clownonfire

    Only a few were able to make Le Clown guffaw out loud… Ask around, I don’t kid with this stuff. And yes, good guffawing stuff here…
    Le Clown

      1. clownonfire

        I should thank again Sweet Mother who taught this French native speaker the great word that is “guffaw”. I first thought it was the sound of a dying seal.
        Le Clown

    1. right? my dad used to say that when we were little instead of swearing….he grew out of that eventually.

      I checked back in on you today….where were you young lady?

  6. Skydiving is terrifying, but it’s awesome! Although I had someone strapped to me controlling all the important bits :P. Also ride in a seaking helicopter they are the ones that rescue people from the sea! Ubersafe 😀

    1. The only way I’m riding in a helicopter is if I’m drugged and put out to see on a cruise ship that crashes and sinks and I’m saved out of the water by a helicopter!!!

      Thank you for reading my silliness!

      1. I love silliness! And I can completely understand that! We were in the Falklands and got to go up in the Seaking, most awesome bit was sitting in the doorway with our legs hanging out (like in the films!). We were tethered to inside the cabin and although I was playing it cool, when my sister asked me to hold onto her coat so that she could use both hands to take pictures I apparently had such a death grip on it that she had to stop so she could breathe!!!

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