Leaving for Foster

I didn't have to do anything except gather the plastic bags full of his shirts and pants and socks and underwear and shoes. Bags with books and teddy bears. All he had. I stood in the room with others, including his foster Mom. We just waited watching him weep. Watching a child's heart break. He … Continue reading Leaving for Foster


How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

I don't post much anymore and this post is long and it's not funny but I really hope you will read it. I ask you to read it. And share it because it matters not just in Portland, not just in Oregon but throughout the U.S. My mother was a teacher before I was born. … Continue reading How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

A Family of Names

My parents names are John and Joan. Their siblings names are Anita, Agnes Marie, Catherine, Dennis, Gerard, John, Maryann. All of the children of those families are: Maggie, John, Katie, Molly, Michael, Randy, John, David, Jennifer, Mary, Tricia, Michael, Bill, Jane, and I think I’m missing 3 others from that family, Michael, Patrick, Tom, Yvonne, … Continue reading A Family of Names

Parenting Disclosures from my Childhood

I am happy to report that three days in, the new rules at my house are still working. No one has missed the Volvo bus to school. The girls understood the situation that while I was really upset on Sunday, this is not a punishment but more a reorganization. Thank you all for your comments, … Continue reading Parenting Disclosures from my Childhood