It’s Maggie’s World, They Just Live in It.

I’m 48. I’m getting married in less than 30 days and I need to lose another 15 pounds or so. But I’m not really doing much about that lately. I do pay Weight Watchers $40 a month and that has taken a pound or two off.

I started this blog to document my weight loss journey but as it turns out, dieting isn’t that interesting. I think it would be if I had 100 lbs to lose and I had been abandoned by my husband who left me for his trainer or some other tragic side story but nope. I’ve had a pretty comfortable, generally happy life. Not that it’s over, just so far so good.

Characters in my life:

Annie – 15-year-old daughter. Very dramatic and very kind and funny. She is a very good actress and always tells the truth, unless you ask “are you out of bed, yet?”

Annie in her latest school production The Sure Thing. Photo courtesy of Lake Oswego Review.

Annie in her latest school production The Sure Thing. Photo courtesy of Lake Oswego Review.

Brigid – 13 -year-old daughter. Dancer, needs to be right almost as much as her mother does.

Ex-husband – Mitch, my ex-husband. Good guy even though the cat hates him.

This is the only picture I have of Mitch on my work computer. Clearly, Mudd loves him.

Derwood – Deren, husband to be on May 18, 2013.

That is me with him, we were hiking. We go hiking.

Mudd – Canine love of my life.

Mudd and Sugar the Mitch hating cat.

Tallulah or Lula – Latest cat addition to the family. She’s much bigger now.


Molly – My sister who moved back to Oregon from Texas. My 14s of readers may know her as my social conscience and life coach who let me have Diet Coke even though I said I gave it up for Lent.

Molly with Marty, who blogs at AustinChickenScratch

Katie – Molly’s twin who lives in Denver. She lived with me last year and she was more of my butter and cheese coach.

katie with her friend, Beer.

John – our brother, no one’s twin. He plays golf sometimes.

I live in Portland, Oregon where I am one of 7 registered republicans. I have a B.A. in French from Colgate University which is going to come in handy when I help my children with their French homework.

Me with RC Cola and John. Please note jigger and scotch on the counter behind us.

Life is good and happy but it turns out I’m a little chunky which brings us back to where we started…Someone Fat Happened.

96 thoughts on “It’s Maggie’s World, They Just Live in It.

  1. Deren says:

    I’m not even going to say anything. Just confirm that I have followed through on my signing up. I guess that is saying something. I digress.

  2. Woot! Another fellow loser! Let’s inspire each other!

  3. Heather Tiger says:

    Looking forward to following future posts as I have enjoyed all I have read so far. Thanks to Sweet Mother for the suggestion! BTW, I totally get the Someone Fat Happened..I woke up one day and realized the end of my softball career, knee surgery, lack of exercise but same food consumption had resulted in 60+ lbs of “Who the hell is in my mirror?!” I lost 40 of it, got pregnant, gained it all plus a few more back….lost another 15, got pregnant again. Here I am 8 mos pregnant and still wondering who shows up in my mirror and in the rare picture I allow to be taken. Maybe she will go away someday soon!

  4. Maggie O'C says:

    Thanks for reading. I will go check your blog out today, I’ve been out of town. Keep the faith….I have that 20 to lose and my kids are teenagers :( Happy Monday!

  5. clownonfire says:

    I just couldn’t find your blog today. I kid you not. Naughty WordPress kept telling me you did not exist… Are you afraid of clowns? I’m a nice clown. A magnificent clown. We could be friends…
    Le Clown

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Bien sur my blog est ici! I just posted! Maybe you got lost in a posting vortex.

      We are friends!

      • clownonfire says:

        I swear, I should have taken a screen cap… Le WordPress was being e-v-i-l…
        Glad to have found you back. Now I can read you, and then I can go make an informed comment on Sweet Mother’s post about you…
        Le Happy Clown

  6. Kathleen says:

    You and I were apparently raised in the same house. I don’t remember seeing you there then, (or that boy) but everything else in that kitchen looks exactly the same. Jigger, scotch, upside down refrigerator. No other kitchen had one but ours (ours being the kitchen in the photo that you and I grew up in). Tell them about the booth we had in OUR kitchen. Best status symbol EVER back then – “yep, we got a BOOTH in our kitchen”.

  7. Maggie O'C says:

    Did you have a phone booth? My mother always said that’s what she would put into a custom built house to keep the 4 of us away from her.

    We had an intercom!!! That my dad couldn’t work so he we hold down the talk button and never take his hand off so he couldn’t hear a reply and we’d have to run upstairs to talk to him anyway.

    • Kathleen says:

      No, like in a restaurant, “Would you like a table or a booth?” my dad built in a booth in the kitchen and then the big table was in the dining room. Anyone who ever saw it always thought it was the coolest thing EVER. It was passé to me. (yawn) BTW my aunt had an intercom!!!, but they were rich and had a big house with a pool, and a maid. And when I say big, I mean 3000 square feet, but it was one story, so it was really spread out.

      But I really remember the scotch, I mean how normal it was. It was always 5 pm somewhere. Not to bum anyone out, but my sister died when I was nine and there are only little bits of memory of those days, but people started appearing at the house as they found out the news and the lady next door (who I was not blood related to, but called aunt Dot) I remember the first thing she did upon crossing our doorframe and hugging my mother was dispatch someone to the store to buy ice, and it is still a memory I find funny.

      People who drink scotch are serious about their alcohol.
      – There has to be some sort of Irish joke in here but I can’t find it :D

  8. Maggie O'C says:

    Oh a restaurant booth! Well that is outstanding! I’m sorry about your sister. Did you have other siblings? A booth wouldn’t have worked for us b/c my dad had to be within flicking distance of my brother and one of my sisters. The hangovers I had after each of my parent’s funerals were incredibly painful but they were good nights. The Irish mourn well. I tried to find a good joke on that but couldn’t find just the right one.

    • Kathleen says:

      I have one worthless brother, who is twelve years older than me, and when I say worthless, he has a job and he pays his mortgage, he is just a crappy brother, father, son, husband, person. So there was the first family: Mom, dad, brother, sister, two years apart, then when they were 10 and 12, mom is pregnant. Second family (and infinitely superior) Mom, dad, me. Like an only child. Dad could flick me easily from his place in the booth, and me trapped between mom and the wall.

      BTW am I right, nobody else had the upside down fridge?

  9. clownonfire says:

    Le Clown is happy to have you among his favourite bloggers. Voilà!
    Le Clown

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  11. Maggie,
    what a wonderful blog! I will be back :)

  12. akbxkjpjkk says:

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  13. Annie and I have a lot in common.

  14. I think I’m a total dope for not having read your ‘about’ page. It explains a helluva lot, unlike my ‘about’ page which tells the reader nothing about me. (At that point I wasn’t sure I was going to follow through.)
    Let me just say that your kids are BEAUTIFUL. HELLO! Gorgeous children. I ‘m also liking the Portland surroundings. Hey, how far a drive is it to Gearhart?

    I think I was initially drawn to your Republican status but then fell in love with you when I saw your blog name and read about your weight issue, which happens to be the same as mine. Then, naturally I read some of your posts to confirm my love of you, and sure enough, you proved to be awesome : )

    If I ever get out to Portland I’ll be registered voter # 8! YAY!

  15. Is Otto’s in Portland as good as I heard?

  16. Glad I found your blog. :) You have a beautiful family — Mudd included — and everyone seems to be having fun. A happy family is something to be thankful for.
    I’m not even forty yet I’m starting to have all those issues — weight, wrinkles, age, weight. Oh well….
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed! Will come back and visit your blog every once in a while :)
    – B -

  17. unfetteredbs says:

    so why did I not see this page before.. i did the same thing to Brigitte.I missed out on all these beautiful pictures and facinating information. Nicely done Maggie. I don’t have an about page.. mmm

  18. You are wonderful!! Your family is beautiful. I’m so glad you found me, and me you, in this blogoshpere!!

  19. What do I think of you?
    You are COOL…
    Everyone COOL lives in Portland.
    I’m COOL, too!!

  20. Hi Maggie. That wonderful Le Clown pushes people in other people’s directions. And here I am. Looking forward to knowing you. Love the pic of your ex with the dog. Very cute.

  21. stuff I said says:

    I always see your comments on several of the blogs I read and enjoy them so I thought I would stop by and say hello. *waving from my side of the screen*

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  23. ericaatje says:

    I loved seeing the people who live in your life! ;)

  24. stillstrange says:

    So hey, I checked out your blog because I like the title. Good job on being freshly pressed. I hope you continue to get loads of followers.

  25. humblepie says:

    Really enjoy and appreciate your sense of humor! 48 is an incredible vintage, if I do say so myself. I’ll be following future posts!

  26. El Guapo says:

    Saw you got FP’d. Congratulations, and way to go!

  27. That’s quite a crew you have around you! Butter and cheese and beer? Me thinks me likes this Kate one! Lol.

    • Maggie O'C says:

      Yeah you do! And Kate and I look like twins but we aren’t the twins, just very O’Connor :) I need to update that page. I’m telling you Don, you are going places and that isn’t just the half a big girl bottle of Pinot Gris talking. Cuz wine bottles can’t talk. Technically.

    • Can I say fuck on your blog? If yes, then why the fuck did I think you lived in Australia? Have you ever? If not, I’m sorry.

      • Maggie O'C says:

        You can definitely say Fuck on my blog. I do not live in Australia, never have and I’ll probably never go because that’s a really long plane ride and I won’t go on a cruise so I think the southern hemisphere is out for me.

        Just a plain old Oregonian.

  28. Hi Maggie, I Love your blog – so much so that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can find the details of the nomination here: As always, you are under no obligation to accept or follow through with the award caveats, I just wanted you to know that reading your blog brightens my day!

  29. Hello, I have passed the “Bouquet of Three Award” to you. Congratulations! Find out more here:

  30. jenowenby says:

    Ah! Fun blog, and I’m in Portland as well.

  31. Nice to meet you Maggie! I am enjoying your blog posts…glad I found my way here!

  32. sandradan1 says:

    I just love your header photo – where is it?

  33. That’s a cool intro page! Something different. You have a very nice looking friendly and loving family!

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  35. Trent Lewin says:

    This seems like a cool place. Plus Audra’s in here!

  36. I like the idea of your cast of characters and am wondering if you’d feel plagiarized if I borrowed it for my “Our Story” page. I’d give you credit and a link!

    I have a book suggestion: The Obesity Myth By Paul Campos. You might like it, or maybe not. I think it was later retitled The Diet Myth. It’s one of my favourites.

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  38. Hey Ms. Maggie – Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  39. Refreshingly REAL – you simultaneously crack me up (love that sarcasm) and make me think (appreciate your intellect) which isn’t always easy for my twisted brained self. Please tell me you’ve stopped stressing the weight? Ugh, it’s so not worth it damnit! At 52 I accept the 20 extra laboons dear sweet menopause gifted me, and wish society would just cut the skinny model crap once and for all. Off to buy a few pounds of M&M’s now… kudos for a great site.

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