And Now, the List You Have All Been Waiting For!

Here it is, the list of all the things I HAVE done. I have done half of the things from the original list. My life isn't that exciting and I'm not particularly brave as you know from the Wouldn't Be Prudent List. My point being... whoever wrote this list really should aim higher. 100 Things … Continue reading And Now, the List You Have All Been Waiting For!


Proof of Emu

In January I wrote about weighing as much as an emu only to find that I'd be lucky to weigh as much as an emu. Today I found the photo of the emu trying to pull my sister into its cage back in 1977. And I have figured out how to use my scanner. So … Continue reading Proof of Emu

Weigh-in Wednesday 1 (not Won)

As I said, I'm moving posts over from another website. I'm editing as I go, adding a bit, deleting some here and there. After I posted my last post, I found out that WordPress congratulates the Blogger on their posting and it said, "only 3 more posts till 5 posts". I don't know what happens … Continue reading Weigh-in Wednesday 1 (not Won)