I Got Published!

That is not true at all but I am thanked in a book that has been published. I edited the hell out of this book and have eaten a lot of good food thanks to this book. My friend Eddie from college has a blog dedicated to Italian food and wine and restaurants and food. … Continue reading I Got Published!


Chef Derwood The Reblog

I'm off on the East Coast with the love of my life so I had to share a Derwood post as my last reblog. I will be back soon with stories and photos. I know you can't wait! The original post: Derwood loves grocery shopping. I hate grocery shopping so it is a bonus for … Continue reading Chef Derwood The Reblog

My Birthday Getaway aka The Barley Incident

Today is my 48th birthday. I have decided it is easy to be happy on your birthday when you are happy and not waiting for Jake Ryan to show up in his Porsche to make you happy. I don't need anything, so asking Deren for a gift would be silly. It's not like he can … Continue reading My Birthday Getaway aka The Barley Incident