Hey Cats! What the Hell?

Seriously cats, what is YOUR problem?! What has the rest of the world ever freaking done to you?! This is my cat Lula, when she was a darling little kitten. This was taken before I realized that although she's going to act nice, cute, cuddly, and adorable; in reality she's a murderous thug. Deep down … Continue reading Hey Cats! What the Hell?


We Got A Floater!

Upon my return from spring break in Palm Springs, I read Mike Calahan's story about his parents' anniversary (you should be following him, if you're not -- go do it, we'll wait) and it reminded me of some of the more twisted O'Connor family moments and one of those happened in Palm Springs. In 2003, … Continue reading We Got A Floater!

Shame on you Paw My Gosh

Do you follow Paw My Gosh on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Tumblr or whatever the hell other place there is for following things? Paw My Gosh is one of those websites with cute dog pictures and stories and videos about darling animals and the wonderful things they do. Up until last week, I … Continue reading Shame on you Paw My Gosh

Darling Kitten Photos Post

I'm sure many of you have seen those cuteĀ  funny clever kitten memes, like this: Or like this one: You've probably seen the first one in The Onion and the Cheezeburger one is famous for being famous. But you know what my cute kitten memes have that those other ones don't? Our new kitten Tallulah! … Continue reading Darling Kitten Photos Post