The Madness

I know I said I would post about my vacation to Nevis, but it's March Madness time here in the U.S. and I wanted to get my picks in for those of you who may need help with your brackets.  I've been doing this for years and so far have a perfect record of never … Continue reading The Madness


My Superbowl Wish

I have thought this for weeks. I haven't had a computer and now I'm running out of time. Real quick here is my Superbowl wish. My Superbowl wish for Superbowl 49 (Roman numerals hurt my brain and I always know the Superbowl is one year younger than I am or will be in that year).  … Continue reading My Superbowl Wish

I’m Also an NFL Prognosticator

I don't know if you all remember waaayy back in the fall when I wrote my NFL update columns but I did. This weekend the San Francisco FortyNiners and the Baltimore Ravens secured their places in Superbowl 47 to be played February 4 3 in New Orleans. You will see from the excerpts I've included … Continue reading I’m Also an NFL Prognosticator

Sparky Sporty Spice

Sparky I have officially returned to I do highly recommend this website. It has a calorie counter, fitness tracker, tons of tips and tricks and recipes. I think the best thing about using Sparkpeople is the website makes you think of things that you won't always think of on your own. How much water … Continue reading Sparky Sporty Spice