Because Fat Tastes Good, That’s Why

For some reason I have done a lot of grocery shopping in the past week. We have a lot of food, the refrigerator is packed, as is the pantry. I don't know if it's because I want the kids to have a variety to choose from for their school lunches or that I don't want … Continue reading Because Fat Tastes Good, That’s Why


$teak Hou$e$

Saturday night Derwood and I used one of our wedding gifts and went out to dinner at The Ringside, an old school Portland steak house which originally opened in 1944. A couple of years ago, the restaurant closed for more than a year for remodeling. I wasn't the only Portlander concerned that they would ruin … Continue reading $teak Hou$e$

A Little Scoop of Life in Portlandia

Last night my pal Lisa and I decided to take the our girls out for an evening of bowling and camaraderie because one of my daughters was feeling down and I thought this was a good pick-me-up (pick-her-up) idea. The plan was to go bowling at Grand Central Bowl in Southeast Portland. They have food … Continue reading A Little Scoop of Life in Portlandia

Costco Shopping with Derwood

Costco is a chain of warehouse stores where members can buy Easter dresses, barbecues, fresh crab, slabs of cheese, 5 dozen eggs and 50 lbs of dog food, as well as tires, cars, get their eyes checked, pictures developed, and have their house recarpeted. Just in case one of my readers doesn't have a Costco … Continue reading Costco Shopping with Derwood