My 5×5

Thanks to Carrie Rubin for posting her list and for Benzeknees for having the idea.  I don't have blogger's block, I'm just a lazy blogger. I'm always writing blogs in my head but can't be bothered to actually type them out. HOWEVER, I cannot resist a good list opportunity. Here is my 5x5 list blog. … Continue reading My 5×5


What Can I Doooo???

I couldn't think of anything to write yesterday. In a few months, I will turn 48 which is two years away from 50. I went to a good university so I can do math just like that, in my head...Bam! 48 + 2 = 50.  Yeah, I did that. I looked on-line for lists of … Continue reading What Can I Doooo???

And Now, the List You Have All Been Waiting For!

Here it is, the list of all the things I HAVE done. I have done half of the things from the original list. My life isn't that exciting and I'm not particularly brave as you know from the Wouldn't Be Prudent List. My point being... whoever wrote this list really should aim higher. 100 Things … Continue reading And Now, the List You Have All Been Waiting For!

Not Gonna Do It, Wouldn’t Be Prudent

Here is the second installment of my list. If you are asking yourself "whatever list could Maggie be referring to? to which list is Maggie referring? refer Maggie to list which?" Read this post if you need to know what is going on. The spacing is pissing me off just so you know I wanted … Continue reading Not Gonna Do It, Wouldn’t Be Prudent

No Blogging At My House

Months ago, I found a list online of 100 things you (or me or anyone) should do before dying. I have  mentioned my fondness for completing forms, check lists, questionnaires, surveys....I love to let the world know how I feel or what I think. This list allows me to tell you, my 15s of readers, … Continue reading No Blogging At My House