Doctor, Doctor

Play this if you want a lovely accompaniment to my post and to remember just how awesome the 80s were. Some readers who have been around here from the beginning may recall that I had to stop going to the doctor in 2011 because she kept telling me that I was fat and had … Continue reading Doctor, Doctor


Do You Want Me to Cry?

I have been working on a post all week. One that I was initially really excited about and thought was very clever and now it is just an albatross I need to throw at all of you. And you are going to hopefully read it tomorrow and think, "Really, Maggie? Was it really that difficult? … Continue reading Do You Want Me to Cry?

After the 2nd Fresh Pressing and Other Items of Note

It is very cool to be Freshly Pressed. It is even cooler to have a post that is meaningful to me be Freshly Pressed. I am so flattered and happy and grateful that the WordPress FP Wizards selected my post on my friend Kitty's dad for Fresh Pressing. As I have said more than once, … Continue reading After the 2nd Fresh Pressing and Other Items of Note

My Birthday Getaway aka The Barley Incident

Today is my 48th birthday. I have decided it is easy to be happy on your birthday when you are happy and not waiting for Jake Ryan to show up in his Porsche to make you happy. I don't need anything, so asking Deren for a gift would be silly. It's not like he can … Continue reading My Birthday Getaway aka The Barley Incident

Someone Fat Happened, Year Two

It's been a year, probably, the vicinity of a year since my first post here. I haven't lost a pound but I am a better writer than I was a year ago. This list isn't of New Year's Resolutions because I never keep Resolutions unless it is the classic "do more crosswords" Resolution that … Continue reading Someone Fat Happened, Year Two

Maggie’s End-of-Year Multi-Media Hyphenastic Extravaganza!

Hello and welcome to my 2012 end of the decade multifaceted, multifarious postapalooza! I've got it all here.... TV, movie and music reviews, literary critique, critique of my children, gourmet cooking tips; whatever you need to know in this new millennium, my blog and I are here to deliver. MUSIC I haven't listened to a … Continue reading Maggie’s End-of-Year Multi-Media Hyphenastic Extravaganza!