Misc. Happiness

Here are things that have recently resulted in happiness for me.

1. I have read two books and put them on my 2014 Reading List page which means 16 days into the New Year and I am keeping one of my revolutions.

2. Blogging. Yesterday was a big blog day for a few people and in the process, I found some new blogs. Go check out Erin at Slightly North of Home. She is a new blogger and I like giving newbies some attention. I was blessed to have a few bloggers get me going, I’m looking at you Harper Faulkner (who has disappeared from WP, which is a loss for all of us) and Sweet Mother, and one of the joys of WP is passing on the love. Erin writes a miscellaneous blog which includes posts on travel and cooking. She even made beef tongue look appetizing. I mean eventually, the early photos not so much.

3. Psych. Do you watch Psych? It is such a silly, funny show. The writing and delivery are sharp and fast so you have to be paying attention. My girls love the show too, so finally something we can agree on!

4. Watching Psych with my 14-year-old daughter snuggled with me on the couch. I can’t describe how happy I was last night watching a show with Brigid and stroking her hair. She was always a snuggler as a baby. It’s funny how holding a 14-year-old in my arms can take me right back to her napping on me when she was 4 months old.

5. Going to the beach this weekend and Gearhart is my happiest place on earth.

Look at these photos taken by Photographer Jeff TerHar yesterday.  A herd of elk moved into town!

This is the main village intersection.
This is the main village intersection.
The elk are 100 feet away from the house we stay in during the summer.
The elk are 100 feet away from the house we stay in during the summer.
Elk obey crossing rules.
Elk obey crossing rules.

Five is a good amount of happy things. Did you see the Oscar nominations are out? I have seen Dallas Buyer’s Club, American Hustle, Captain Phillips, Wolf of Wall Street, August: Osage County so I still need to catch up on some Oscar movie viewing before the big day on March 2. I will post my movie wisdom soon.

Thank you as always for reading and supporting this li’l blog o’ mine. I hope you find something to make you happy today.

34 thoughts on “Misc. Happiness

  1. I’m not sure what the last movie I saw was.
    I have some good books lined up (a History of the Mediteranean, and another that may or may not be about President Garfield), and I’ve been binge watching way too much tv and movies.

    Glad to hear about the happiness, and woohoo for the Reading Revolution!!! 😉

    (That first pic looks like a casting call from Northern Exposure.)

    1. Could the book be about Garfield the cat and you just got confused? Open it and see if there are drawings inside.

      Guap, I have been going to that town for more than 45 years and I have NEVER seen a herd of elk right there in town. Craizy!!!

      1. Let’s see…lately, Breaking Bad, Leverage, and I just finished Nikita. Next will probably be the last season of 24, Dexter and maybe Northern Exposure. I always wanted to see how that ended.

        Nikita was amusing, but not a great show. Leverage was a little better.

      1. I know – enjoy Psyche! Will you start giving your daughter funny names when you introduce her to people? 🙂

        My husband watches Psyche (so do I, but he loves it more)…I love “Lie to Me” and was sad they canceled it before they resolved the overarching stories!

  2. I haven’t seen any Oscar-nominated movies yet. I need to catch up! I’m looking forward to seeing August: Osage County, American Hustle (I like Jennifer Lawrence’s acting and David O. Russell is a great director) and Philomena. Also, I never got around to seeing Blue Jasmine so I’m looking forward to the DVD release next month.

    What books have you read so far this year? I want to read more fiction but I have so much academic reading to do at the moment. Some of it is interesting, some of it…not so much!

    1. Everyone in American Hustle is hitting on all cylinders, fabulous movie! I need to see Philomena. Osage County is good but the problem is that Meryl Streep (who is genius) and Julia Roberts (also fantastic) are too famous. You see them and just think “wow Meryl/Julia is doing a great job acting” but you never forget who they are in real life.

      I have read The Book Thief and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Highly recommend both. Now I’m reading White Oleander..

      1. Yeah, that can be a problem with really well-known actors. I think both Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts are fabulous though and it sounds like an excellent movie.

        Oh, I can’t wait to see American Hustle! 🙂

        I have a copy of The Book Thief somewhere. I haven’t read it yet but I’ll read it before the movie adaptation comes out later this year.

        One of the books on my to-read list is We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. It is fiction but I heard part of the plot is based on experiments carried out by anthropologists in the 1970s bringing up chimpanzees alongside their own human children. I’m not sure whether those experiments actually happened in real life but I know there were a lot of experiments done with monkeys in the anthropological field during that time.Anyway, the book sounds intriguing!

  3. I saw American Hustle. Loved it (once I got past all those plunging necklines and bad hairdos…). Wish I could get my 13-year-old son to snuggle with me to watch a show, but that no longer happens. Oh well, at least he still wants to watch with me. 🙂

  4. Have some great beach type, Maggie. Puts so much into perspective, that kind of downtime. I’ve not read your book choices but am devouring books lately. And writing mine! I loved American Hustle too though I think the soundtrack made it even better. I’ve seen Captain Philips (GREAT) and Wolf of Wall Street as you know — glad I’m not those people. I so want to see August, Osage County and The Dallas Buyer’s Club. Did you like those two? We saw Lone Survivor yesterday. Wow. It’ll make you cry but you’ll need to watch something uplighting afterwards. Very heavy indeed.

    I started following Erin yesterday. Love her site. It’s colorful and pretty and positive. Have fun at the beach and come back with sandy toes and a sunburned nose.

    1. I still think Dallas Buyer’s Club is my fave of all the movies, I’ve seen. I’ve heard the Lone Survivor is really good, will have to gird my loins for that one!

      I can’t wait to get out of Dodge. Derwood and I definitely need some time to ourselves without work and children and dog interruptions!

  5. unfetteredbs

    This post made me smile Maggie. I miss HF and Sweet Mother too. Kudos on the reading.
    Last movie I watched was Thor.
    Things that made me happy recently:
    Today my professor accepted my research project proposal. It’s been a battle so hoorah!! I was very sad to take my college gal back to school this week but then she gave me a giant hug and squeezed me hard at our goodbye. That felt good… Real good.
    And now I’m going to watch Modern Family with my 16 year old. Life is fecking good.
    Cheers misc. Maggie. You rock.

  6. I’m always happy to meet new friends. Especially friends with elk photos… that’s awesome.

    Have you seen Gravity? I liked that movie so much I even did a blogpost review about it. How it doesn’t win for best picture… that would floor me. And Sanda Bullock for best actress, she was incredible.

    1. I’m happy you are here! I haven’t seen Gravity because that is basically a documentary of one of my worst nightmares. I think Gravity is going to get shut out by some of the more recent films. My fave so far is Dallas Buyer’s Club.

      Audra and I are totally tight so you know how cool I am!

      1. Audra was one of my first blog friends – I think she’s awesome, and sometimes I even tell her that. So you must be cool too. Plus you stood up with Calamity, and that means something to me.

        Happy to be here. Please excuse any weirdness I might exhibit, I have, um, a bit of off-kilter way of writing at times. But I do love writing.

        I haven’t seen Dallas Buyer’s Club. I love movies but don’t have much time anymore for them. Gravity’s the only one I’ve seen… hey, correlation wtih me thinking it should win best picture, given that it’s the only one I’ve seen out of the lot? Probably.

  7. SQUEEEEE!!!

    Er. Whoops. That’s not very dignified. I should learn to express myself with real words instead of through onomatopoeia words.

    Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the link. I count myself lucky to have found your blog, and not just because you post pictures of elk parades. 🙂

    1. Erin, you have a fun blog. My pal Brigitte says she followed you yesterday and I hope you pick up a few more. Anyone that can make me look at tongue and think, I’d totally down that, is worth following.

      I hope the elk are still there when I get there on Saturday!

  8. I’ve had this cold/virus-thing for a week straight now, but I think I might finally be recovering. If that’s the case, that makes me happy, or at least, it has the potential for me to feel less miserable … Of the five films you’ve seen, I’ve seen four (or will soon see four; Coco and I are finally seeing The Wolf of Wall Street this weekend). Regrettably, I missed Captain Philips. My (and Milton’s) choice for Best Picture, but I expect it will to get dissed, is 12 Years a Slave. Nothing comes near that one. It’s onscreen literature and director Steve McQueen’s masterpiece. Brilliant filmmaking about a horrific subject.

    1. I have been sick all year. This bug is horrible and apparently bi-coastal. Feel better! Wolf is really good. Captain Phillips is a rental. I gotta see 12 Years a Slave because right now Dallas is winning for me. Someday we need to go to the movies! I’m hoping to be in the city this summer so at least a drink of some kind!

        1. I’ve never been there! I’m in!
          I was thinking of you three last night… V, Coco and Milton. There’s a book in there, there has to be with those names.
          Wolf is non-stop for 3 hours. It has some hints of Goodfellas in it but a fabulous ride. And of course I loved Goodfellas.

          1. I loved Goodfellas, too. I always thought that was Marty’s Best Director and Best Picture Academy Awards, but instead they went to Kevin Costner and his opus, Plays with Camera. The Academy should burn in hell for eternity for that gross misdeed.

        2. Robert Redford is not a happy guy these days, I think he was wronged. I haven’t seen it but from what I have heard. Christian Bale is good but not amazing. What about the year of “Shakespeare in Love”? I still get enraged about that.

          1. I saw All is Lost. I thought that RR gave the performance of a lifetime. Milton said he didn’t get a nomination because not enough people saw that film. Such a pity. It was excellent. I agree with you about CB. As for SiL … this is a kinda/sorta sad story. When I was still seeing Voom, back in the day, I used to have discount movie passes through my place of employ. I usually let her decide what we would see, because I’m sappy like that. I expected her to say that it was going to be SiL, but much to my surprise, she chose A Simple Plan. I was okay with that because I figured eventually we’d see both. Voom also loved imitating Billy Bob’s character in Slingblade and he was costarring in ASP. Anyway, after we saw ASP, we went to a diner and Voom … ditched me. I was blindsided. Yeah, I popped for movie tickets and then got dumped. She determined that if she saw a love story, she might change her mind. Her reasoning was that she wanted kids, but I wouldn’t make good co-parenting material because my salary was too low. She wanted to be free to find a version of me with money. Never mind that a few weeks earlier for her 30th birthday I gave her a custom made sapphire and platinum necklace in a chocolate jewelry box that I had a chocolate-maker in the West Village make. She wanted to upgrade to I don’t know who, Sally Moneybags? (Coco, who’s straight and jewelry-lovin’ and I would not meet until 2006, still seethes over this story.) Even though Voom and I did get back together and remained together off and on until early 2003, I never again went overboard in the gift department for her, and that night turned me off seeing SiL. One day though I might get around to viewing it. As for Voom, she no longer lives in New York and I don’t think she ever had kids herself, but maybe she’s with someone with them and likely making her and those offspring suffer. I don’t wish her ill because being someone as malcontent as her is enough agony for one human being. Sorry to write a book here, but you struck a nerve.

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