Hole Blown Wide

I’m off the the beach for the weekend so I’m using my good friend Speedo for material today. She is One Tough Broad. She has been featured on Black Box Warnings. She has been through the slog and I’m happy to say having met her in November she has come out the other side and is beautiful, funny, smart woman who has taken charge of her life and rocked it.


12 replies to “Hole Blown Wide

          1. no shit right??? dang it. MAY YOU TAKE OVER with being the person who ‘features’ awesome bloggers. And I don’t mean ‘take his spot’ – but feature people who are awesome and be all cool and shit. I don’t want you to try and have ‘carnies’. that makes me puke a little in my mouth. Your ONE TOUGH BROAD feature has is goin on girl. I do want my BLACK BOX story back though. It feels soiled. So DUM of me to not have it. I thought it would be in my email.

          2. I would love to do that to help new bloggers get going. I need to do more OTB posts. I hope you can get it, I’m betting he hasn’t given you a password. I think I have a WP contact that I will get to you.

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