Not For Nothin’

Just home on a Friday night and looking at my blog and wondering why I had as many readers as I did today and I saw that a few people clicked on this post

really one of my faves and alllll true! I know most of my friends have read it but many of my blogging friends haven’t and the restaurant is “Mother’s” which must have some good juju.


5 thoughts on “Not For Nothin’

  1. clownonfire

    You made me click. You are a brilliant woman… Now I have to read another frakkin’ post. Great. I’ll never catch up… Pfft.
    Le Clown

    1. M. Le Clown,
      Brilliant? well it takes one to know one! Thank you so much! Table for 4 is one of my most favorite things I’ve ever written, it was a very funny night.

      Hope all went well with the inlaws!

  2. Brilliant Maggie 😀 Your brother reminds me of my ex who did everything on Anglo-Indian time. My daughter has inherited the same fluid time sense. But all is not lost. Now I never go anywhere without my kindle and never have to notice the pitying looks from other diners. I feel your pain 🙂

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