Teen Idols: Frank to Justin

Girls have been having crushes on singers forever. Probably back in Elizabethan times, girls-in-waiting were swooning over those guys in tights who play the little round ukelele looking things, throwing their pantaloons on the stage.

I loved Frank Sinatra, I still love Frank Sinatra. I discovered Frank when I was around 15 and saw “Young at Heart” on the late movie, before there was cable.Β  Frank was 65 when I found him but I still thought he was the coolest thing ever.

Always keep in mind that I seldom research the facts of my assertions.

I believe Frank was one of the very first teen idols. I believe the word Bobbysoxers was coined to describe the mobs of teenage girls that followed him around back in the 1940s. As we all know and must accept, Frank was the greatest ever. He was also an accomplished actor (3 Oscars). It’s Sinatra’s world, we just live in it.

Then there was Elvis. Elvis on the Ed Sullivan show, Elvis going into the army, Elvis in the movies, Elvis anywhere…caused women young and old to lose their minds. Sadly Elvis, passed away in 1977 at the age of 42, while I was camping.

Throngs of girls outside the Ed Sullivan show waiting for Elvis.

Then came the British Invasion and the Beatles. That was in the 60s and the world was a little unhinged anyway.

NYPD holding back the sea of girls trying to get at the Beatles hotel in 1965.

Teeny bopperism was never lost on me. I had my personal favorites starting with Bob on Sesame Street but I don’t think he counts as more than a Toddler Idol.

I was most deeply involved with Shaun Cassidy, younger half-brother of David Cassidy, aka Keith Partridge. I loved Shaun Cassidy. When I was 12, the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries debuted on TV and I always wanted it to be a Hardy Boys week so I could see my one true love in the form of Joe Hardy. I loved Shaun so much I bet my childhood bestie, Julie, $50 that I would marry him. Shaun has married a few times and has something like 7 kids but he did not marry me nor did I bear any of those children. Jules, I think I did pay you the $50 but let me know if I still owe you.

Can you blame me for lusting after this healthy, testosterone-filled, hunk of a man?


This is Shaun looking edgy. I wanted my hair to look just like his.

Following Shaun, I loved Andy Gibb. In 1978, I would often perform “Shadow Dancing” for my dog, Rags, when the song came on my radio before I went to bed at night. Rags really enjoyed my lip synching and elaborate choreography.Β  Andy died in 1980 at the age of 30. I wore black for a week. Not kidding.

Clearly I was a fan of long, lustrous hair on my men.

This brings us to The Voice. In case you have missed it, The Voice is a singing talent show. It is hosted by Carson Daly and the coaches are Adam Levine (Love), CeeLo Green (love), Blake Shelton (LOve), and Christina Aguilera (not love). Annie and Brigid and I watch it and do the usual: cheer on our favorites, cry for the sad stories, mock Christina Aguilera for dressing like a 13-year-old and always sporting a boobalanche. I’m not posting a photo, just Google it.

We watch The Voice on On Demand instead of watching it when it is originally broadcast so we can skip the commercials and I actually don’t even know when it’s on. Last night we watched the most recent episode. There was guest star on the show.

Justin Bieber was on the The Voice.




Justin Bieber is a child, I don’t know how old he is but he looks like one of the New Kids on the Block and sings like Donny Osmond. Oi! I forgot my love for Donny Osmond! I also loved Donny when he made his comeback in the late 80s, very hot.

Anyway, Justin Bieber was on The Voice. He didn’t sing. He was simply on the show. Introduced a little clip of his new video….not the whole video, mind you butΒ  clip of a video.

Justin Bieber on the Voice April 2012
New Kid on the Block, Joey McIntyre sometime in the 80s.

Annie and Brigid got frantic just knowing they were going to see Justin and Justin would be speaking.

Brigid broke out into a sweat and Annie shouted, “Lady Boner!”


Lady Boner. My daughter said Lady Boner.

I miss the BobbySoxers.

69 replies to “Teen Idols: Frank to Justin

  1. lady boner. that’s great. and boobalance got me good. i don’t LOL but i did that time.

    andy gibb was only 30 when he died? didn’t know that.

    my sister had a big crush on bobby sherman, if you remember him. we had a cousin who looked just like him, so my sister would walk to school with my cousin, and he’d have all the girls following him, and she’d surf his “cool vibe” just for being there. of course, he was in 8th grade and she might have been in 2nd grade, so i have a feeling he wasn’t too thrilled to have his little cousin there when all the girls were following him.

      1. Boobalanche is a powerful word.

        I did like Bobby Sherman. He was in a tv show called 7 Brides for 7 Brothers or something like that. I think he was too old for me. I was probably 7 or 8 but he did catch my attention.

        Yeah, my daughter is great. I’m sorry my parents aren’t around, they would be so proud of sweet little Annie and her lady boner.

          1. oh. my older one is 17, senior, just picked out her college. younger one is going to be 14 in may. got the theater bug. just a great ball of fun. older one is getting that “i know everything” attitude.

    1. Ack! I forgot my love for Rick Springfield! Dr. Noah Drake! I remember when he was on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve. I had to miss his concert to go to Leadership Workshop.

    1. We have an open kitchen/family room and I was in the kitchen and heard her say something and then her sister screamed. I didn’t hear it exactly and after two times of “WHAT did you say?” She told me. I loathe Justin Bieber for doing this to me.

  2. rofl – David Cassidy and some one hit wonder whose name I can no longer remember. I do however remember that he had a great body and…. grrr…enough :/

      1. No, not him although he’s cute πŸ™‚ This particular guy may have been big only here in Australia. So annoying. I remember it was one of the very first ‘video’ clips on tv and he looked gorgeous. lol I have to stop drooling like this.

  3. 15 is the year of lady boners. May god have mercy on your soul. I didn’t even see that you had posted this, by the way hahaha. We both mentioned Bieber today. I feel like he won this round.

    1. He totally won. Asshat.

      There’s another Bieber post today…5 side effects of living with a Bieber Believer, I can’t remember exactly, she posted in my comments.

  4. Maggie,
    I had totally forgotten about The Hardy Boys – and that was a good thing… I think I’ll start drinking again.
    Le Clown

      1. Maggie…
        Nothing was lost… Our parents imposed the haircut on us based on the show. They used to call me Nancy Drew, too. Painful memories.
        Le So Not Serious Clown

  5. My daughter is currently in love with the group One Direction. Sigh. I don’t understand why they have to screech. Feel free to have a teenage love, but no screeching!

    1. I know of One Direction and Annie is just mad about them too. She has a photo of one of them on her bulletin board and he looks like a girl. At least Shawn Cassidy didn’t look like a ….. well whatever.

    2. StvhT,eeank you so much for you kind words. We have sponsored Trent for some time now and knew he was on the road to bigger and better things. He had an amazing Summer, winning the FINA Grand Prix for open water swimming right before he flew out to do the Channel. What an effort and what a guy!Once again, thank you so much.-FINIS

  6. Andy Gibb. Wow. Victoria Principal was so lucky. I think she ended up breaking up with him due to his drug/alcohol abuse. But to have Andy Gibb in love with you, wouldn’t that be amazing? Such a hunk.

    Ugh, don’t remind me about my closeted Joe love affair. I claimed to hate NKOTB but secretly I was all about Joe. Blech. I must’ve been sniffing glue at the time.

    1. Blogger likes me again! For over a week I have not had my blog roll list and I have to say that I have been a bit lost. But there you are with your fabulous sense of color and texture and you made me blush all sorts of pink, Miss Malin! Thank you for showing the work in progress. So bejuaiful!Entoy the day!Erin

  7. Ah…..Andy Gibb. It just kills me the way died so young.

    Remember, he was engaged to Victoria Principal and Joan Rivers made fun of her ring, saying the diamond was so small she needed a magnifying glass to see it? LOL. I love Joan.

          1. Yes, of course. LOL He was my fav of all the Bee Gee brothers. Even though I love the Bee Gees and have all their music.

          2. They are one of those groups were every single song is amazing. I also have their Greatest Hits. There’s only one of them left now. The others have all passed away. It’s sad.

  8. Great post, Mags! I was a little ahead of you so I fell for David Cassidy and Davey Jones, from the Monkees. I can’t believe you had a thing for Bob from Sesame Street!! ME TOO!! I think I just wanted him to be my dad, or something? A toddler crush, indeed.
    Later, I had a love for John Taylor from, Duran Duran, and was sure I’d marry him. If only he had read his fan mail he would have known I was the ONE. Oh well. 😦

    1. I used to freak out over the Brady Bunch episode when Davey Jones kissed Marcia. Clearly Shawn and John don’t know what they missed out on!

  9. Great post! I used to love Michael J. Fox circa the Back to the Future years and Jack Wagner from General Hospital. Yummy! I do sometimes watch The Voice for Adam Levine eye candy! πŸ˜‰

      1. Since I don’t listen to him, I’ll let you be the ears for the both of us in this instance, so your assessment works for me — and I think you for doing the listening.

        1. Believe me you’re welcome. Although I rarely hear him b/c I change the station quickly if it’s him. He’s not on the radio often, I think he is an Itunes phenomenon. And will hopefully go away soon.

          1. Sinatra started fairly young … Maybe Justin will be around for the long haul, but I’m a cynical oldster that doubts it.

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