A Middle Aged Woman’s Shopping Miracle

Saturday was a beautiful day in Portland. It was one of those days that if someone asked, “Hey, where’s Portland?” Someone else would answer, “Oh, they went outside.” If you knew anyone that would even care to have that sort of discussion. Saturday was also the day I set aside to go to Popina. Popina is a bathing suit store. I had lined up my pal AVC to come with me but she messaged that she was under the weather and might have pink eye. (Feel better Ame!) While I am very sorry that my friend who I haven’t seen in too long, is under the weather; her condition also had a serious impact on me.

It meant I would have to go try on bathing suits by myself.

notreadyspring break

I often cry when I have to try on bathing suits. Or I steel myself, knowing it will be awful and I will have to try on the most giant top to fit the girls in. BUT! a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and me and my girls are goin’ to the Caribbean on the 6th so I am getting a goddam swimsuit!

I have gone tanning twice in preparation for the trip and in keeping with a tenet: tan fat is better than white fat. Now I had to take my tan fat to Popina ALONE and try on bathing suits. Hopefully without crying.

Upon entering Popina, a very young, tall, and very thin, very Portlandia girl asked if I needed help finding anything. I marched right up to her and said “Yes I do. I need a bathing suit that fits these” and pointed at my chest. She took me to the big boob section and told me to try on whatever I liked and let her know.  I picked out a half dozen tops and went to the dressing room.

Aside: they serve beer at Popina. Free, for while you are shopping. Who in their right mind wants beer when trying on bathing suits? Add to that gut while voluntarily humiliating yourself? At any rate, I said No thank you.

First top: Nope and it looks like we are heading for a grueling bathing suit experience. Wait! Next one is too big! The one after that is super cute and quite a boobalanche. The next one is DAR — LING!


Portlandia Girl brings me the three different bottoms that go with the top. I find one that I really like and stand there looking in the mirror at my self in a bathing suit. In a 2-piece bathing suit. It’s not RihannaWear but it’s cute! I’m not going to make the cover of a magazine but not bad. NOT. BAD. And comfy!

I did a happy dance in the Popina bathing suit shop dressing room and THAT folks is a Middle Aged Woman Shopping Miracle.

A most miraculous bathing suit.
A most miraculous bathing suit.

I’m not going to make any promises but I might allow a photo of me to be taken in the Miracle suit and I might show it to you but I’d probably have to have some beer first.

30 thoughts on “A Middle Aged Woman’s Shopping Miracle

  1. Loved this post! I’m with you, who wants to add a beer gut to the already horrific experience of bathing suit shopping?! No matter age or size, trying on suits seems to be unpleasant for all of us, which is what makes the post so relatable. That and it was a lighthearted, funny piece that I thoroughly enjoyed. A++ And cute suit!! 🙂

  2. I’d probably drink the beer because I hate trying on clothes. I just buy them and hope for the best, which usually works out for most things, except jeans. Which is probably why I only have 1 pair of jeans and every time I put them on I pray they still fit and haven’t developed holes anywhere indecent.

      1. I go through periods where I buy ALL my clothes for a year from one brand (right now it’s Gap). I swear places periodically change up their sizes and pants in one store that fit me perfectly last season are now totally off. You’re so right about emotional defenses being necessary.

  3. Love it! Have so much fun! And yes, pictures. BTW I would probably have a beer while buying a bathing suit. Well that is if i didn’t just grab one and buy like i usually do.

  4. wheresyourmom

    Very Cute suit! I love stores that wrap your purchases in tissue paper. That’s a fading custom; ‘specially up here in nowhere land.

  5. Just new to blogging but inspired by your blog that my challenge of returning to yoga at 46 may result in actually wanting to wear a swimsuit not from the Victorian aged

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