Because Fat Tastes Good, That’s Why

For some reason I have done a lot of grocery shopping in the past week. We have a lot of food, the refrigerator is packed, as is the pantry. I don’t know if it’s because I want the kids to have a variety to choose from for their school lunches or that I don’t want to hear, “we don’t have anything eat”, or if it was the Superbowl. Although this year’s Superbowl (which technically is supposed to be the American football championship) didn’t lend itself to increasing appetites as much as it did to causing brain explosions of wonder at the ineptitude and apparent disinterest in the game by the Denver Broncos.

My favorite part of the game was seeing this on Facebook:

I'm a Peyton fan and really? what in the holy hell?
I’m a Peyton fan, but really? what in the holy hell?

With all this food variety, I forgot until this morning when I was making my lunch for work that I had bought a big tub of Greek yogurt with honey. I got out a bowl to put it in to take it to work (for our company Christmas party’s gift exchange  I got Pyrex glass storage bowls – SCORE!)

I spooned in the yogurt and then licked the spoon. Oh ohhhhh whaaa??? Perhaps I have never had Greek yogurt with honey for this is yogurt of the gods handed down by Athena or another beautiful yogurt goddess. I made Brigid try some, she was duly unimpressed as 14-year-olds are want to be. Ahhh , Greek yogurt with honey, where have you been? Why have you waited so long to make yourself known to me? I kept eating it out of the container, it was like eating cheese cake filling. So. Good.

I finally put it away but I didn’t want to. I wanted to eat it all and go buy more so there would be a Big Fat Greek Yogurt Family in my fridge. I only wanted to be friends with honey Greek yogurt, I called it “honey” too because I loved it so much.

As I walked away from the fridge I began to wonder, what is it about this yogurt that causes such an instant and passionate response from the loins of my taste buds? Why?! Why is this yogurt so different and creamy and perfect? Like edible alabaster Greek goddess yogurtness?

Wait a minute.

I see here it says that the yogurt is Gluten Free. I don't know if removing Gluten makes food so delicious that I must restrain myself from climbing into the refrigerator with it, perhaps that is the answer to this yogurt lust.
I see here it says that the yogurt is Gluten Free. I don’t know if removing Gluten makes food so delicious that I must restrain myself from climbing into the refrigerator with it, perhaps that is the answer to this yogurt lust.

I opened the fridge and looked at the yogurt container, searching for the familiar words. The words I see on all the yogurt containers I buy….”non-fat” or at least “low-fat”. Nope.  My crush on the honey Greek yogurt was  a fully saturated fat love.

Why did I love this yogurt so much? Because it was full fat cream yogurt honey love and fat tastes good.

38 thoughts on “Because Fat Tastes Good, That’s Why

  1. Fat is delicious! I like to take some fresh strawberries and blueberries and sprinkle some sugar on them before throwing some Faya? greek yogurt and some honey into the bowl as well. It really is good!

    1. I put blueberries in this and just finished it up for my pre-lunch snack. Typically I buy non-fat yogurt and add honey and berries but this is yogurfection all by itself.

      You know what else is good? Rib eye steak and that is chock full of fat.

      I love fat.

      1. I don’t care for ribeyes. Too hit and miss when I order it out (insert your Texas Roadhouse insult here). I like a good strip steak or sirloin. The marbling is good when it’s not clobs of fat!

        You know what else is good? That fat gal who plays Molly on Mike and Molly. She’s funny!

        I like fat!

  2. Way back when I first started cooking for a living, I was shocked at how much better a steak with juicy veins of was than one without.

    Fat is flavor. Until your veins try to kill you.

    But what a way to go…

      1. I cooked for about 10 years, a long time ago. Last gig was tex mex, with a nice steak menu cooked over a wood burning grill.
        Nice place, pretty good food. Sadly, the knees just couldn’t handle it anymore.
        Or the liver.

  3. Nothing quite as enticing as rich, creamy fat. One bite of fat-free ice cream proves that. Too bad it has to be such a buzz-kill on our health. But every now and then a treat is in order. 🙂

  4. So, I am a terrible yogurt eater, and it has nothing to do with Athena’s day job. I tried Chobani this past summer, and it was tough for me to get through. I had to load the cup up with trail mix to avoid the taste of the blueberry concoction. There is a picture…cough, cough, selfie, cough, cough…of me eating the yogurt as proof. However, it’s a taste I need to get used to.

  5. Yo, everything in moderation I say, Maggie. We gotta indulge sometimes and honey is supposed to be one of those wonder foods that does a body good. So is eggplant. Krill oil. Sardines. The list is going downhill.

    I say, eat fat sometimes and feel perfectly okay about it. (P.S. does ANY yogurt have gluten? I think we’ve all drank the kool-aid on some of this going overboard with the healthy stuff and it’s all a ploy to confuse us.) Kool-aid with sugar and preservatives; probably not good for you.

  6. Addie

    Honey yogurt is worth shove…I mean spooning in its perfect goodness into my body, fat be damned.

    With that said, I’m now one of the WW dieters, and Fat Free is my new mantra. I try and make up for the fat foods I miss by mixing frozen berries with Greek Yogurt. Then, I carry on lying to myself by saying I’m a quirky redhead from Edinburgh, who wears a size 10 and doesn’t have wrinkles.

    As long as I don’t pass a reflective surface, that lie is my reality.

      1. Addie

        You are also supposed to exercise, from what I’ve read, so, I loaded Runkeeper on my iPhone. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this app requires you go outside! Who knew?

  7. 1. J’adore Greek Yogurt, have it daily! EXCEPT I’ve never had a honey flavored one! Am I missing out??? I typically go with 2% plain, which is actually bitter and tangy at first, but after about two weeks of regular consumption begins to grow on you.

    2. Now I typically hate me some Peyton, but even I felt bad on Sunday. That was just UGLY. There’s something heartbreaking about seeing an elite all-time great quarterback crumble under the Super Bowl pressure. It was Brady-esque… and who knew I was capable of such football-empathy??

    3. You’re right about the yogurt, though. Full-fat is the way to go. I need to reevaluate my 2% approach.

  8. Greek yogurt is by far the best yogurt, Maggie, and Greek yogurt with honey is the best of the best and then when you go full fat — something I deprive myself of — yeah, absolutely, that is comparable to great sex. Food can be a very sensual experience overall. Coco and I dined at a terrific Chinese restaurant last Friday (Chinese New Year’s). We were both in our bliss.

    1. The best is accidentally eating full fat Greek Honey yogurt. Never expecting the smooth dense deliciousness. No, I won’t be buying it regularly but it tasted awfully good when I added it to Annie’s “detox” smoothie this morning 😉

  9. I thought the game was almost too painful to watch. I certainly felt bad for Peyton, but then I heard on the radio that he’d gone up to Richard Sherman after the game to congratulate him and ask about his ankle. That made me happy; I think pro sports needs to have more classy athletes.

    As for Greek yogurt, that also makes me happy, though I tend to use the plain version as a sub for sour cream. I’m not really a sweet for breakfast type, though I do enjoy a nice bowl of oatmeal every once in a while.

    1. E, I didn’t hear that and Peyton is classy while Sherman (in my opinion) is not. He isn’t going to get a 2nd chance to make a first impression on me and I know that hurts him but that’s the way it is.

      Plain is a great sour cream sub but my accidental purchase is a cheesecake sub. And I have oatmeal and pumpkin just about every morning. No, I’m not compulsive, why do you ask?

  10. Is this a not-so-secret campaign to get John Stamos — who is the king shiller of Greek yogurt — to com over to your house to bring you some more? If so, well done, lady, well done.

    Full fat greek yogurt is totally a healthy breakfast. It’s better for you than a donut, isn’t it?

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