Maggie’s End-of-Year Multi-Media Hyphenastic Extravaganza!

Hello and welcome to my 2012 end of the decade multifaceted, multifarious postapalooza! I’ve got it all here…. TV, movie and music reviews, literary critique, critique of my children, gourmet cooking tips; whatever you need to know in this new millennium, my blog and I are here to deliver.


I haven’t listened to a CD produced in the 21st century until now. Upon pal Lisa’s recommendation, I requested the Train CD, California 37 for Christmas. My children actually listened to me when I mentioned it back in November (which is the even greater gift) and bought me the album. Pat Monahan, the lead singer of Train, is in his 40s and this album is, I’m guessing, quite autobiographical. It takes more than a couple of decades of living to acquire knowledge that hopefully one day evolves into wisdom. I was flattered last week to have Brigid tell me that I am “very wise”, all the bumps in the road gave me the small dose of wisdom that I have. Monahan has weathered some storms and is at the point where he is speaking my language. He’s been through life and has gained insight and perspective and his songs are a joy to listen to.

This one got me where I live and I have yet to listen to it without weeping. As a matter of fact, I will replay it to keep crying because it is so touching and happy and I know what he means.

I’m copying my friend Guap and giving you my Friday song, You Can Finally Meet My Mom by Train. Special dedication to love-of-my-life Derwood.


Yesterday Speaker 7 did a post on the Top 10 Movies of 2012 and I’m not going to be able to top her take on the year in cinema; nor can I remember what movies I saw this year. Oh wait! I saw Ted and it is FU NNNY.

Last night I watched two documentaries on Netflix because I am a highbrow when it comes to the arts.

The first documentary was titled (and is probably still titled) After Porn Ends. I found this topic fascinating. I’m not a porn aficionado but I have a heard of some of the porn stars interviewed for the film. Actually I’ve heard of one, Amber Lynn because my ex-sister-in-law named her daughter Amber Lynn (I doubt she knew of the porn connection but still). I learned many things from watching After Porn Ends. I learned there is such a thing as a labiectomy and that there are “people” in this world who will pay money for the leftovers. Oh yeah, yeah I learned that.

I know there are plenty of people who will take the view that “no one held a gun to their head those nasty porn sinners” but not me. This film is thought-provoking and I found it very sad. Raylene, one of the porn girls, broke my heart.

Photo courtesy Oxymoron Entertainment
Photo courtesy Oxymoron Entertainment

She is so naturally, girl-next-door beautiful and was so visibly pained by her experiences with porn and addiction; I was crushed to learn at the end that Raylene has returned to porn. I wish there was simple answer like “don’t watch porn, don’t support this industry.” There isn’t. The troubles these men and women, though mostly women, have started long before they got into pornographic films. But just in case, don’t watch porn.

The second documentary was “The Queen of Versailles”. Ack! This one won the U.S. Director Award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The film documents the beyond-extravagant lifestyle of Jackie and David Siegel and their seven children and numerous servants while they are in the midst of building their dream 90,000-square-foot house in Florida. When 2008 hits, the walls come crumbling down. It is the story of many Americans who overspent when money was being thrown at them by banks and who couldn’t afford to pay for it when the credit dried up. Sure, it is on a much grander (and by that I mean tacky in ways few of us can imagine) scale but it’s the same old story. I wound up kind of liking Jackie and David, neither one of them came from money, both are clearly hard workers and have done work I would never take on (cleaning bodies in a mortuary, for one). I actually found their biggest fault to be that they are awful parents, AWFUL. The children were not taught manners or responsibility; they were vacuous, even the little ones.


The Cape Ann by Faith Sullivan. Lovely book narrated by a 6-year-old girl living during the Depression. The themes of Catholicism, the strength and evolution of the role of women, world wars, alcoholism, struggle and small victories run throughout. The book never bogs down and had me laughing more than once.



If I had been organized enough, I would have sent out Christmas cards this year as I usually do. The photo above would have been included. This is also how the girls laughed on Christmas morning after giving me a Kim Kardashian perfume/lotion pack. Kim’s perfume smells like a nasty cleaning product that is trying to smell good. The girls and I had a little chat about how, while the irony is appreciated, don’t support the Kardashian empire.

These are my boobs and some perfume that smells like rancid Lysol piss. No offense meant to Lysol or piss only to Kim Kardashian.
“Hi, I’m Kim Kardashian and these are my boobs and some perfume that smells like rancid Lysol piss.”
No offense meant to Lysol or piss.


As for my food review of 2012… I am such a good cook. I really am and I’m sad if you didn’t get to have any of my cooking from the last week. I make highly addictive Christmas Crack, I made my first lasagna and it was dessert-like yummy, I spanked it with the best Onion Potato Gruyere gratin experience ever and remember that $130 beef tenderloin I bought on a ginger-infused-vodka hangover? It was the best thing I have ever made in my life. If I had some truffle butter, God knows what I could do.

Happy New Year to all my darling bloggers, this past year has been a joy.

I hope you enjoyed all the hyphens, I did it just for you.

31 thoughts on “Maggie’s End-of-Year Multi-Media Hyphenastic Extravaganza!

  1. Danni

    Very good, Maggie. I love reading you bcpoor losersvwho dont know, get a sense of what it is like to be your friend,,which is a treat ndeed. I am inbed with something that is either food poisoning with a fever, or maybe I was attacked with bats in an alt universe. In either case, I am not leaving bed, Neal slept away from my hot self and took the day off, in case, what? I died? That hasn’t happened before.

    Sounds like mayors ball is stressed out. Poor debi. Lots of stuff isn’t in til the end. Talk later. Unless I die.

  2. Sounds like overall, you had a pretty good year! (Except for the kardashian thing.)
    Hope you and yours have a happy new year, and a great 2013, with everything you hope for!

    (And I dug the song – hadn’t heard – that one.)

    1. I have been thinking about you all morning. I thought you might like it. I cried again at work just posting this but it’s a good cry.

      Best wishes for 2013, 2012 is over and I know it was a tough one.

  3. That was quite a Postapalooza!!! I’m excited to read The Cape Ann and watch the Queen of Versailles. I’ll also down load Train, asap. All in all, a very valuable post, Mags. I’ll let you hang onto the Kim Kardashian “fragrance.” (just because I’m full up on Lysol piss.) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I hope you have a super duper New Year’s eve fun-fest!!!
    2013 couldn’t ring in fast enough for my liking!

    1. You will love both Grippy! And ah, the Train CD is fantastic. New Year’s Eve is going to include bingo with Deren’s family….I will report back.

      Very excited to see what 2013 has in store for you!


  4. Maggie,
    ThAnks for all the recommendations! Maybe you could re-gift the KK perfume or use it as a cleaner for your tires. This post had your bodacious and wonderful Maggie humor — thank you for that and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

    P.S. prime meat is always worth it, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks Brig! And first and foremost….spending money on meat is always a good idea, huge difference, you didn’t even need a knife! We are supposed to have a dry weekend so I am going to take the KK out to the drive and clean the whitewalls on the wagon.

      Happy New Year Brig and all my best wishes to you in 2013.

  5. artyelf

    Another post that was a joy to read my friend! ๐Ÿ˜€
    LOOOVE Train โ™กโ™ฅโ™ก Have you seen the clip for 50 Ways to Say Goodbye? It’s a riot! And that lead singer is just gorgeous.
    Your daughters are beautiful, and it looks like you have passed on your wonderful sense of fun and humour to them, what a wonderful gift. (the humour, not the KK-cleaning products!)

    May your New Year be grand, and ginger-infused! โ™ก

    1. I will go watch it straightaway, love the song, it makes me laugh.
      All the best in the New Year to you my friend. I will continue on by your side.
      Don’t watch the porn film (duh) but the Queen of Versailles is a trip!
      I think the ginger vodka put me off ginger for good, and probably vodka too ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. artyelf

        Knew you would appreciate it ๐Ÿ˜†
        Train have such good clips,
        and did I mention that lead singer is gorgeous!!! ๐Ÿ™„

  6. An eventful year, Maggie, and lots of wonderful stuff (your wedding, for example) to look forward to in 2013! I look forward to many more shared extravaganzas. Happy new year, dear friend! xoxoM

  7. Addie

    I’ll watch the documentaries (thanks to my super new thingamagig that lets me stream Netflix), although I must say, I had to stop and just go, “WTF??” when I saw 90,000 sq feet. My first thought was (as it always is when I see huge homes), “What must their electric bill run?”

    Thanks for the list!! Hope your Bingo game is swell as is your 2013!


  8. Kim Kardasian perfume and “rancid Lysol piss” strike me as one and the same, too. Thank you for sparing me from ever needing to give it a sniff, but if I ever had that need, I can assure you it would only be as a result of my having suffered a severe head injury.

    You have a rocking New Year, too, Maggie. I’m very glad we met this year!

  9. I’ll see your hyphens and raise you exclamation points: I LOVED getting to know you this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your blog is one of the best out there because you write so fluidly and from the heart.

    I’m such an old fart, I’ve never heard of Train but fell in love with this song from the first chord.

    Happy 2013 Maggie.

    1. It has been a joy EOS! Train is some good stuff. I just discovered that their song “Drops of Jupiter” is about the singer’s mom, too. Wahhhhh!

      Happy New Year Mrs. Bedford Falls!

  10. artyelf

    You really need to put these posts and your life into a book Mags, a la Bridgette Jones Diary perhaps! ๐Ÿ˜†
    GOTCHA!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

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