A Freshly Slapped OTB

Shown above is the badge I made months ago for today’s One Tough Broad.

This is going to be a subdued OTB post because Sincerely, Slapdash needs some peace and quiet right now. I don’t want you going over there partying it up, leaving plates and napkins all over the place, waking up Little One, and bugging the neighbors with that loud music. Just stop by and look in on her nicely.

I first knew Slapdash as Fish Out of Water and when she changed her blog to Slapdash, Sincerely, I became formally hooked on her.

Fish has been a friend to me. She has let me vent my spleen to her and has written a post for me, even though no one knew it was for me. We knew and that was more than good enough. Dear Fish has written a few posts about her Patti LaBelle or fatty lipoma, she has also used the word “fistula”, which I now realize is the worst word ever.

Fish is a mom of two kids, Little One and Teen. She’s a good and engaged stay-at-home mom, she has been Freshly Pressed for her work on spousal choice. She is funny and sincere and supportive of her fellow blogger.

There are those that mock and dismiss the power of our little blogging community. I have been told (by a WordPress blogger no less!) how trivial this community is with our silly awards and Fresh Pressing and mere 10s of followers or hundreds of hits; but I don’t believe that. I refuse to be that cynical. I refuse to believe that we can’t make a difference to each other through our words. I refuse to believe that these connections are not worthwhile.

I believe we make a difference and I’m asking you to lend your precious support to Slapdash, Fish, Christine, whatever you want to call her.

That damn Patti LaBelle isn’t a harmless 80s singer after all. The MRI showed it’s not that. Fish has to go to a surgical oncologist. The word oncologist is a red flag kind of word. I’m going with it’s a big ol’ lump that needs to be removed and then Fish and her followers will get on with the good stuff. For now, this OTB is taking care of business at home and holding on tight to herself so she can care for everyone who depends on her. But even OTBs need a shoulder now and then.

Here are some words of wisdom from Sincerely, Slapdash. Read them and then go check her out but be quiet, she’s resting.

Life sucks sometimes and sometimes it’s really amazing.  Other times it’s boring.  You are OK being who you are unless you are a completely douchey a-hole, then it’s not OK.  You should work hard and not give up when something gets a little hard, but you should also not waste your time chasing your tail.  You know how silly your dog looks like when he does it.  Do you want to look that stupid?   You should exercise because scientific data has shown that it will not only extend the years you live, but also make those years considerably less sucky.  Please note, though, that sometimes no matter what you do your crappy genes will give you a bit of gut and possibly kill you unexpectedly.  It’s OK to be sad and glad and kind of in between.  You are not a robot.  You should try to be kind to people, but sometimes you are going to have PMS and be a real witch.  Apologize if that happens.  If that one mean thing you said causes someone’s life to completely collapse then it’s not your fault.  They are most likely insanely fragile and you can’t help that.  Sometimes you are going to be mean because someone was mean to you.  Totally alright as far as I’m concerned.  And finally, only dance like no one is watching when no one is, in fact, watching.

29 thoughts on “A Freshly Slapped OTB

  1. Slapdash is fantastic. Let all those nay Sayers mock. I think our blogging community is great and that we all share the love. My full support goes to Christine and I wish her well. She’s one awesome lady.

  2. I love her words of wisdom — True and inspirational in a sort of abbreviated reader’s digest way. I could easily live by those rules.
    Any friend of yours, Mags, is a friend of mine. 🙂
    Nice post.

  3. unfetteredbs

    I’ve been reading Fish and have been praying for her. This was a beautfully written post Maggie. I think we are all blessed..

  4. Le Clown

    Fish is a class act, with a kickass Gravatar. This is a beautiful ode to a magnificent™ blogger. Thank you, Maggie. And Fish, much, much love.
    Le Clown

  5. You know, I was going to write a post about how sincere, warm, funny, generous, and supportive this community is. But you have, so I’m off the hook.
    Of course, I’ll be adding my feels and thinks over at SS. You’ve done a good thing here.

  6. A Dog With Fleas

    What a beautifully written post for your friend. And I truly am of the belief that the blogging community is an extended family. Many have offered me support in the past. And anyone who doesn’t believe that is their loss. And I will go check out your friend’s blog.

  7. What a great tribute to Slapdash! I agree that this is a wonderful community full of supportive people who can really help each other. I’ve found so many new blogs to follow based on recommendations.

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