Second Thoughts

I worked all day yesterday on an election post for today, one week before the U.S. presidential election.

It was going to make some points and also include funny stuff like this:

and this:

But Sandy, the Hurricane not my mother-in-law, has given me second thoughts.

I have a friend who had a tree fall on his car. I have another friend who had to evacuate, with his three children, from their home on the Jersey Shore. He lives a block off the beach so God only knows what they will be returning to. Madame Weebles needs a boat to leave her house and LaLa is bailing out her bedroom. As far as I know all my peeps in the northeast are okay and I am so grateful.

Americans are very good in crises. We are a generous people who give our time, energy and dollars to help others. I’ll go all Pollyanna and suggest that Sandy showed up just in time to give us all some perspective. Elections are elections and they are important. They also show up every 2-4 years. Ultimately we all want the same things for ourselves and for each other, warmth, food, a roof, knowledge that our loved ones are out of harm’s way.

Be sage. I mean be safe and sage, too. I’m a sage.

If you want to donate to organizations helping victims of Hurricane Sandy, here are some links:

Feeding America


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26 thoughts on “Second Thoughts

  1. I like what you did here, Mags. Good choice. You’re right about this storm giving us all some needed perspective. And yet you still managed to provide some comedy relief! Haha!

  2. Oh no!!!! Weebs!!! LALA!!! Dangit. And I’m with Gripping – good choice of subject…we Americans are great when it comes to helping one another in truly needy times. Good call. Good write!!!

  3. badfads says:

    Thanks for providing perspective on what we should be thinking about right now–each other, instead of the seemingly endless election cycle. ❀

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re sweet. And your heart is always in the right place.

  5. unfetteredbs says:

    this was pure sweet goodness Maggie. My eyes and heart thank you. Lots of destruction around but lots and lots of goodness with neighbors helping neighbors.

  6. Addie says:

    It’s all in the perspective, and Sandy gave us a big shot of that, didn’t she? PS Loooooveeee the binder/Clinton bit. Made me snort.

  7. Love the kindness in this post Maggie – we’ve all been thinking of you, halfway round the world, and watching all the latest news and pics… how’s that nuclear station that was having a nervous breakdown?
    Hope you’re all drying out, and you get some sun to cheer you up before the BIG Day

  8. Le Clown says:

    I nominate “Maggie” for the next “One Tough Broad” installment, and the Ringmistress as runner up.
    Le Clown

  9. Storkhunter says:

    Great post. We’re all thinking of you from UK. Hope you are safe and sound.

  10. I wrote on Facebook a couple of days ago about how people were making the hurricane political in their comments on various articles I was reading. Totally frustrating where people choose to stick their heads. On the other hand, I’ve seen so many stories of people helping each other, and first responders rescuing animals. We’re a mighty country when we want to be.

  11. […] wrote this for publication this past Tuesday but then didn’t post it because of the Sandy mess. It appears that the campaign is back in full swing so I’m posting. […]

  12. I hope everyone’s doing ok over there xx

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