I. Am. Winning!

Even More Recognition of My Gifts

I won! I won another major award. It’s not just some cyber award…I won an actual award! I won a cat sculpted of aluminum foil and a book entitled, “To What Miserable Wretches Have I Been Born?” by Suzanne Weber.  I won them in a poetry contest on Don’t Forget to Feed the Baby. Kathy is my kinda mom and she is sending me my awards! Check out her Facebook page, too.

Here is the winning poem that I composed. I sent it to Kathy. She put my name in a hat with the other poets who had submitted pieces for the contest and because she picked my name out of the hat, I won! But it’s also a really good poem. I should start a poetry blog or at least add a poetry page to my blog.

I have a kitty
Though not as pretty
As one made in foil

I have Goodnight Moon
But I am a loon
And want that yellow book

Kathy’s original photo showing my name on the winning piece of paper and the sculpture.


22 thoughts on “I. Am. Winning!

  1. I’m very jealous that you won the kitty and the book and am already making an entire barnyard of foil animals — so there. (JUST KIDDING). Congrats on the spiffy award and cool poem by the way. Perhaps you should begin dressing in all black — black leggings, turtleneck and look soulful and snap your fingers alot and hang out in coffee houses while adoring fans hang on your every word and this foil kitty poem could be the start of a lucrative poetic career for you.

    It could happen. :).

    1. It could totally happen Brigitte and if I dressed like a beatnik, I might look way thinner. I might wind up looking like Audrey Hepburn. I’ll start this weekend!!!

  2. clownonfire

    That is a beautiful aluminum foil-cat. I wasn’t as lucky as you… They only sent me an aluminum foil cat litter. We soon realized that cat do not enjoy walking on aluminum foil. Imagine our beautiful hardwood floor…
    Le Clown

          1. clownonfire

            Has anyone ever told you how we curse here in French Canada – especially in Quebec? We use icons of the Church…

            Cursing Lesson #1

            Maggie is in Montreal. She is meeting Le Clown for coffee. Maggie is at a Second Cup (the corporate Canadian version of Starbucks – expensive mediocre coffee… Actually, why are we even there… We’re in a fair trade local coffee). Maggie orders her favourite drink. But she’s been given a warm flat beer instead, probably a Budweiser, as we like to make fun of Americans in Montreal. Maggie is not happy. This is how she answers in French Canadian:

            “Mon p’tit tabarnak d’estie d’calisse. J’veux parler à ton sacarment d’boss”.

            There. You’re set.

            Le Clown

          2. I’m going to have to use a Quebecois dictionary for this but I can tell I want to talk to somebody!
            How do you say Diet Coke in Montreal?


          1. clownonfire

            Can I wear it on my head so that aliens won’t be able to steal all my magnificent ideas?
            Le Clown

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