Profoundly Resilient

Today is Brigid’s 16th birthday!

It is hard to believe that just four months ago this happened:

crash volvo

Brigid was in the back seat behind the driver.

Here you can see her car door stuck to the grill of the car that hit them.

crash truck


We were in the hospital for 10 days.

That's Oregon Health Sciences University up on the hill.
That’s Oregon Health Sciences University up on the hill.

Brigid in her bed, hooked up to tubes and monitors, being poked and prodded.

brigid rm 24

After five days, the pain was so great and the healing so limited that they operated on her and put in a plate to stabilize her pelvis and six screws to hold it in place.

Last week I took Brigid to a see a counselor, believing that any teenager who had been through such a trauma and had her life changed so drastically (missing months of school, not dancing anymore, etc.), might need to work through some of it. Jan, the therapist who I trust and respect, met with me and Brigid for a few and then I left and she and Brigid talked. I came back at the end to be told “Brigid is profoundly resilient.” Jan credits me with staying by her side throughout, the fact that Brigid has no memory of the accident, Brigid knows and accepts that she is deeply loved by family and friends, and Brigid is Brigid. Profoundly resilient.

Yesterday we went to lunch and birthday shopping.

“And I got a birthday bracelet from Tiffany!”

I went for a walk in the woods early this morning and thought about Brigid and her 16th birthday. At one point, I was overcome with emotion and gratitude; grateful to God for blessing us with Brigid back in 1999 and again for watching over her the night of the crash in April.

Brigid, I wish for you a long life filled with love for family and friends, quiet kindnesses and raucous celebrations.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl and many many many many more.


30 thoughts on “Profoundly Resilient

  1. Wow, Mag, that’s scary. I’m very glad that she’s pulled through and is celebrating the sweet 16 milestone. (I didn’t click the WP icon so WP posted my comment as Anonymous; that was a first!)

  2. Alan Anderson

    Maggie…pls forgive spelling in my comment. Spell check don’t work on names!

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    1175 Kimball Rd
    Venice, Fl 34293 winter

    17050 Blue Heron Dr
    Bend, Or 97707 summer


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  4. I was just thinking of you I swear! Maggie, I’m so happy to hear your lovely girl is healing. Sending you and Brigid good healing, positive thoughts and prayers. And, tell Brigid HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday. She looks happy and beautiful and hey, who wouldn’t love a treasure in that little blue box? ;).

  5. I’d say you did pretty good, Mama. My heart skipped a beat and a lump formed in my throat looking at that car. God sure did protect her! Happy Sweet sixteen to your special and very strong gal!

  6. Omg! That’s scary!
    Last year, I broke my right humerus as in it snapped in half. I was 23 at that time. They also had to operate on me. I have two metal plates and five screws in my right arm.

    I wouldn’t know what I would do if my parents weren’t there. I have always been independent but that night, I turned back into a child, and I seeked out their love and care. Thank God for parents. πŸ™‚

  7. Spirit Junkies United

    Despite the horrific accident and injuries sustained, I found this to be such a beautiful post. Back in April I was in a car accident and although I didn’t get hurt too badly, it definitely left an impact on me emotionally. It is inspiring to read that your daughter is profoundly resilient. I absolutely love that message and am working to become more resilient every day in my life. Thank you for sharing this and happy belated sweet 16 to Brigid. It’s no doubt that she’s a fighter being a Leo baby, I am also. πŸ™‚

  8. Out of all the qualities out there, I think resilience is high on the list of good ones to have. Those pictures are terrifying, and if I needed any more encouragement to wear my seat belt at all times – there it is. So grateful your girl has made a full recovery!

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