Misc. Maggie

Miss me?

See what I did there? Oh, I haven’t lost it! Not by a long shot!

Speaking of long shots, did you hear the one about the Pope that resigned without warning? The first Pope in 600 years to resign?  The Pope who changed the American liturgy and then bailed? That one?

Who do you like for next Pope? Here’s the last Pope bracket brought to you by “I can’t believe it’s not Jesus!” As soon as this is updated for the surprise resignation, I will get it to you.


So I’ve been MIA for awhile. I’ve been working on a contract job for an auction to be held this Saturday the 16th (coincidentally my father’s 89th birthday except he’s dead. He always said “if I weren’t this old, I’d be dead.” And he was right.)

I’ve been working very hard on the auction project and the week before that, I had to do work at my job!! What the hell, right?!

I’m free now so I’m back. Do you have a friend(s) that you don’t see very often but then when you do, you almost talk over one another because you have so much to say? The conversation is full of non-sequiturs and bad segués and tangents? I actually have a couple of friends that I see regularly and we still are like that because we never seem to run out of things to say.

That’s how I feel right now. I have been gone so long and have so much to write.

Last I left you, I had applied for a job at St. Mary’s Academy as Special Events Director. I would rock that job. I do every single thing in the job description. It’s been a long time since I applied for a job that I knew I was 110% qualified to do. That I wouldn’t have to go to the interview and bullshit my way through my qualifications, skills and experience. Yet, I didn’t even get an interview. At least, not that I’ve heard and they started reviewing resumes on Jan. 28. What could have gone wrong?

I have given it some thought. I should have gotten an interview. This job was posted three months ago and they either didn’t fill it or they did and someone quit or got fired so they had to open up the listing again. I should have gotten an interview. EXCEPT for one thing….

My blog is posted on my LinkedIn page.

Perhaps they didn’t like my blog. Perhaps they wouldn’t appreciate the Pope-A-Palooza. But that shit’s funny. I’d like to say I’m in a quandary about what to think or do about this. Do I remove the link to my blog on my LinkedIn page? Do I censor myself so that I don’t offend potential employers? They won’t find me on Facebook because I have a fake Facebook name (because I don’t want everyone I went to high school with to find me, that’s why.) Have you run into this issue in the digital age?

I’ve thought about it and nope. I’m not going to do it. If potential employers Google me and don’t like what they see, then they don’t want me and I most definitely do not want them. And I am positive that it is their loss.

Also, I think about a job like Director of Special Events. That’s a real job with a real salary. A salary that, while not huge, would definitely make my life much easier. It would also mean that I work more than 40 hours a week, that I have to be on time to work and probably have to wear pantyhose and that is not a move I’m willing to make.

I’m dedicating 2013 to expanding my contract fundraising work. I will hopefully hear this week on a job with Dress for Success, which is a charity I enthusiastically support so would be thrilled to work for them. My original goal for 2013 was five new contract clients. I also want to work more with my Aunt Shanere (auctioneer) and hopefully transition out of this job to do work where I am busy and know I have the expertise to actually help my clients.

Misc. Mash

A date has been set. Derwood and I are getting married on Saturday, May 18. I’m looking for a dress similar to this one but not really.

It's my second marriage so I don't have to wear white.
It’s my second marriage so I don’t have to wear white.

I have been going to Weight Watchers and have lost 6.4 lbs total. I need to lose 20 more before May 18. That should be grueling.

40 thoughts on “Misc. Maggie

  1. YAY. Congrats. I am very excited for you (yes, it may be a bit grueling, but you can do it..although I think you’re lovely and I would know I’ve seen you on skype).

  2. Hooray for you!!! 6.4 lbs. is AMAZING!!! Weight Watchers really does work, doesn’t it? It’s not always easy but “the weight” comes off slow and steady. I need to get back in there and stop thinking I can do this by myself.

    Pope-a-Palooza! LOL! Only in our lifetime would a Pope resign. I think it’s a sign of the times. The Second Coming can’t be too far off. Am I right? With your luck it will be on May 18th. I didn’t just say that! You’re day will be Sooo beautiful. My best friend got married on May 18th and she continues to be happily married so I think that’s a good date.

    Maggie, you’re really starting 2013 off with a bang. Stop making the rest of us look bad, will ya?


  3. Addie

    Oh, what’s your fake FB account, as I have one (I don’t use) there under this name (which is, like baby names in Utah, a mix up of my real name and a fake one) and if you friended me, I’d have one friend. Yea!!

    Back to you. Congrats on getting married. Will there be snacks? Are we invited?

    1. There will be snacks! It’s going to be a cocktail party wedding because well…it is me, after all. My friend Trisha, the best cook I know is doing the food or at least some of it. So far I have a date and place but that’s about it.

  4. Congratulations! May 18 is a great date! You know, Maggie, it’s entirely possible that they’d hired someone internally but still, legally, had to go through the motions of posting the job and getting resumes…just sayin’! I think your idea to go independent is a much better one, and I’m sure you’ll be a great success. You go, girl! xoxoM

    1. Thanks M! It is a bit of a mystery because they posted the job, took it down and then had to put it back up 3 months later. I dunno. I’m happy with life so I’m going with me. xox mag

  5. artyelf

    I heard this morning Pope B will now be known as Eggs [Ex] Benedict 😆
    You have a date! Fantastic! But that dress may be a little modest! xox

  6. LOve all this – especially the Pope Jokes… Love the LBD – perfect for a second wedding!
    Ar primary school everyone was talking abut their mothers getting marred in white, so I went home and asked my mother about her dress. She said it was black – this is 1940’s… and when I told my teacher, I must have told her volumes about our family life!!
    Congratulations on setting your date.. I can tell you it will still feel different when you are married. Something subtle happens… at least I found that, after being together for several years before we married, even though we’d always intended to…warm wishes.

  7. Yay! I was just wondering the other day where you were. 🙂

    That’s a bummer on the prospective job. My husband is going through the same thing right now. It’s massively infuriating when you don’t even get called in for an interview for the jobs you’re perfectly suited for. But hey, you know, the Vatican IS looking to fill a vacancy, so maybe you or he will get it. Pope Maggie I has a nice ring to it.

      1. Look at the power you have Em! I don’t know what to do. I want a change but I don’t want to pay for it 🙂 I kinda like this one b/c it’s fishy and it’s February and I’m a Pisces. But it’s a bit twee.

        I did just get the contract with Dress for Success so I’m very excited. And I mean JUST got the email!! Wahoooo!

  8. Misc. Maggie!!!!! Come get married at Villa Privata!!!!!!! Sounds like you are having …. a good time …. no .. having a ball? Enjoying your life??? yay!!!! F”em if they don’t take the time to interview you! Independent meeting planning is a lot more fun … even if less lucrative than a “salaried position” …. the right “job” will come along, be patient!

    Love ya girl! Wish you were closer, we could “talk over” each other over wine!

    Itty bitty

  9. Oh yeah… being a “ex-catholic” …. “foul ball catholic” ….. pagan catholic (is there such a thing?) … I admire the Pope for being a man and accepting his limitations and digressing for the good of the church.

  10. unfetteredbs

    Congrats on the contract with Dress for Success. And you go girl with the LBS coming off. You can do it– slow and steady! It will come off woman.
    I will forgive you for picking May because in my world June rules for anniversaries. I cannot top Mt Helens.. that is very cool.
    that is a conundrum about the linkedin page. Glad you are back and I dig the new look.

  11. Hey, welcome back. Did I miss a post or did you redesign your site when I wasn’t? It looks cheery and reminds me of spring. Sorry to hear that you have yet to score an interview. I’m not sure if posting the link to your site on Linked In was the deal breaker. There might have been a flood of applicants and the frontrunners were people that were recommended to them. There’s another gig out there that you’ll find that will be the right fit for you. Just keep looking.

    That’s great that you set a date! I’m a May baby, well at this point, more like a May broad.

    1. You didn’t miss anything. I was bored at work and thought I would mess around with themes. I don’t know if this is the real next look. I’d like to personalize it a bit more at least with a masthead photo but don’t know how.
      I’m very excited to have gotten the job with Dress for Success, onward and upward!

      1. I’m always busy, but at the same time, I’m also always bored at work. It’s a bit like a hostage situation at The Grind, so I’d surely face the firing squad if my boss caught me on my site. It’s also tough for me to read blogs when she sits ten feet away from me. Boo hoo. That’s great about Dress for Success!

  12. k.m.f.

    Yo, Maggie…I’ve missed you, but I figured you’ve been busy. I know the feeling about not getting that interview. Well, at least you inspired me to blog. I’ll email you about coming to MacLaren for a visit…or just to catch up!

  13. Love the new blog theme – with the sun rising in the bottom (or is that the sun setting?). I say, with your personality, it’s the sun rising.

    So much to discuss. First, May 18. Yea!! Marriage is a good thing and you are lucky to find love again. Just let me know where to send the crockpot. 🙂

    I watch Say Yes to the Dress way too often to even admit here, so I say go for black. It’s a stunning color (or wait, black is a lack of color, right?). Anyway, I love color for brides – my best friend got married for the third time recently and wore a delicious candy apple red dress that knocked the crowd off their feet.

    As for not getting the job interview, fie on them. And don’t even think of deleting the blog. Not even for a split second. The blog shows your amazing creativity and talent – anyone who can’t see that doesn’t deserve you. Like finding a husband. If a man can’t appreciate a woman’s wacky sense of humor, then bye bye.

    Now, as for the Pope. So many funny parody photos on the internet, of Pope Hillary and Pope Barack. I think Barack might find being the pope a step down from how he sees himself already, so my money isn’t on him. My money is on the cardinal from Ghana.

    Good luck with the auction.

    1. Thanks EOS!
      I don’t know about the theme. I’ll write about it today and see if people really like it or they are just being nice. I was just playing around yesterday with different looks.
      And no worries, I’m not deleting my blog. I don’t care. There’s no way I could be hired to work somewhere and hide my real true personality. I might explode!

      Thanks and I told my sister about the oxi-clean tip of yours! She’s having problems and I think her brand new dishwasher is a Miele or Bosche. sigh.

  14. Yay! Congrats. May will be here before you know it. As to the job, meh, it’s their loss! If I was your potential employer and read your blog, I would hire you on the spot because I would know what an amazing human being you are. But I’m not very professional so what do I know? And the new look is great btw! Keep on rocking in the free world!

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