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Quick Misc. with Mini Marshmallows

I don’t even like marshmallows except kinda sorta on smores but remember that commercial “Swiss Miss with Mini Marshmallows!” You don’t? Just me? Just me and TV in 1974?

That's me with mini-marshmallows

That’s me with mini-marshmallows

Sheesh, this job is really taking its toll. Now I have work to do which means I don’t have time to blog or play Friends with Words, or work on my event which is coming up on the 15th of February.

Here’s the latest:

1. Really good meeting with my auctioneer pal Kelly Russell (for all your non-profit auction needs). We are going to work on bringing me in on her team as an auction planning consultant. My goal for 2014 is to get my office hours down to 24 a week which allows me to keep my benefits and lets me out of here. My ego is starting to take a hit.  I’m not an egotistical person but when someone comes into the office for a meeting and they are thinking I’m just a 50 year old woman who can answer phones it makes me want to scream. Especially when I’m highly skilled in non-profit fundraising and should be doing it full time!

2. I finished reading my third book of 2014. White Oleander will be listed on my reading page. I love lists.

3. My kids’ school was 2 hours late on Monday due to a BOMB THREAT. What the holy hell is wrong with people? What happened to pulling the fire alarm and running away? (Thanks Mol). This is the third in as many weeks. Two at the junior high, one at the high school. I don’t know if the dickshine who’s harrassing the schools realizes that once s/he decides to make this move, s/he has committed a federal offense and the FBI is going to be looking for his/her ass. Maybe they  should have just gone to history and shut up.

4. I’m cheering for the Denver Broncos for the SuperBowl because the Sherman guy on the Seahawks pulled a dick move and should get benched for at least a quarter of the big game by his asshole coach, Pete Carroll, but he won’t. And I don’t care about the interviews after the game where he was just bizarre. He made a choking gesture to an opposing player and that is poor sportsmanship and if he’s a professional, he needs to act like a professional and not be a douche.

Better luck next year Tommy boy.

Better luck next year Tommy boy.

5. Annie and I are starting a cleanse on Monday which means we drink a lot of smoothies. I’d like to do a fondue cleanse. She’s going to tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Fine.

6. Annie takes her driver’s license test on the 4th! Fingers crossed around the nation that she gets it so I can stop driving my children around. Please, for the mother, let her pass.

I will return to blogging soon. When people stop asking me to work around here.  And no, doing engineering proposals doesn’t help. Rerouting alluvial fans is not exciting to me. Although in the proposal I’m working on there is a project for Willy Dick Creek in Yakima, Washington. Willy. Dick. That’s funny.

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