Administrative Professionals and Hollywood Women…Discuss

After my divorce, I took a job as a receptionist for an engineering firm. Derwood and I had great benefits because of that job. I was way over-qualified but the four years of that job served its purpose. While at that job I made it very clear that I wanted no part and no recognition … Continue reading Administrative Professionals and Hollywood Women…Discuss


I Got to Move It, Move It!

Do you know that song? I sing the wrong words and I sing them often. Golf course, in my car, to the dog, all the time. I got to move it move it! You got to move it move it! We got to move it move it! You got to drop it drop it! (Used … Continue reading I Got to Move It, Move It!

My wish for you

This blog is written by my best friend’s brother-in-law. Powerful words for all of us, no matter where we are in life. Happy New Year my friends.


So I’ll jump in here, even though its cold.

OK, so its been a bit. It’s been a rough month for team Reeves here. I had one blog post half written but it was terrible and I knew there was more story to tell, so I let it die. Anyway, lets get into it. Our heroine has had one hell of a time. From the morphine pump test hitting a strange nerve and sending a shockwave to parts unknown (which sent us to the ER on December 30th, where we found out that there are three Doctors there that have sensitive man ponytails, go figure). Oh also, we had hoped that Dwayne the drain could get removed. It could not at the last minute because “the doctors are not to excited because they would have to replace it with something else”. Awesome. That could’ve been told to us prior to…

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My friend said to me …

Sometimes a farm blog is more than a farm blog.


“My  Grand-Daddy was a gambling  man,”  my friend said to me yesterday as we were packing her fresh eggs into boxes.  We had been talking about drunks.  The weekend kind who had a drink and went to sleep.  My friend does not drink.  But it was a natural jump to gambling.

“He had gambled all he had that one day so he bet his hat.”  She says.

I laugh..  I love her old family stories.

“… bet his hat.”  I say.  “Mercy!”

“They kilt him for that hat.  He lost the hand but he would not give up the hat.  Would’nt hand it over.  Would’nt do it.  So they kilt him.”

“They shot him?” I say. Laughter swallowed in horror.

“I reckon so.” She says.

We both sit quiet trying to make sense of such an action in our heads. Shooting a black man for his hat.  Our laughter still…

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The one I never wanted to write

Please say prayers. Elizabeth, the heroine, is my best friend Judy’s younger sister xoxox


Well, this will be a hard one. Between the tears and glasses of whisky I’m not sure which will run out first. See, I haven’t been completely forthright on this blog with all of you. As the story goes on you’ll understand why. See, Larry has pretty much given us knockout blows since the jump.  For those who we’ve told and kept things under wraps I really want to thank you. Again, there were those that didn’t need to know yet. I’ll start from the beginning.

Remember the first meeting with Dr. Mody? The one I said we would do three rounds of chemo then radiation, then three more rounds then see where we were and see about cutting this monster out? Well, there was a prior meeting with the surgeon who met us upon arrival.  Apparently, Mayo Clinic has a much better MRI than Baptist Hospital, which might be…

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