The Deed is Done.

I apologize for being gone for a week or so, I know how you depend on me.

I moved it, moved it.

This is 901 in 2005:

The back of my house at night. Isn’t it pretty?

And last week….

empty 901

The benefit of selling one’s house to a builder is that you can leave whatever you want, knowing they are going to throw it all in a dumpster so one (me) doesn’t have to clean it perfectly.

We moved to #2, a townhouse. Number 2 has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms but is half the size of 901. I like downsizing! I have a gym that is 70 steps from my front door.


I go here and I’m totally ripped after just 4 visits

Here is my new bedding and the cat’s ass.


lula bed
Love me some Ikea, except when it overwhelms me and makes me anxious. The store overwhelms, not the bedding.


Here is my new office. Some people call it a kitchen table.


kitchen office
I love my computer that Brigid told me is so big it’s dorky. I need to find a table for the printer. I’m clearly very successful.

We are going to Vegas this Thursday (the 25th) not Thursday the 18th. I spent Thursday the 18th on the phone with Expedia for hours regarding the trip I had planned and not taken. Son of a nut cracker! We got the rental car and hotel charges reimbursed as well as a $400 credit from Alaska Airlines. Lucky us, it will only cost us $500 in rebooking charges to use the $400 travel credit. I’ve never liked goddamn Alaska Airlines, going back to a car seat issue that I won’t go in to, so suck it. I will eat the $400 “travel credit”. Expedia really was a great help considering it was all on me for having no idea what day it is.

So, in a nutshell (how did I get in this nutshell?), life is pretty good. I’m rocking with work and have joined another blog/newsletter that you should check out because my friend, Jennifer, is so good and I’m seriously adequate. Remember to subscribe to the Becoming newsletter!

I must also tell you about my daughter, Annie’s blog/newsletter. If I am Becoming, Annie is Emerging and I am so proud of her. Go to Some Like it Happy and again, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter. She’s very clever with her links which I am not so much.

I am going to do my best to have a second blog this week. It will be the untold story of Derwood’s backyard demise and resurrection.  I’m Catholic and that’s the truth so it’s not blasphemy. It’s one hell of a story so don’t miss out!


6 replies to “The Deed is Done.

  1. Congratulations on your move. My husband and I downsized to a townhome fifteen months ago. We still have our high school son at home, but he’ll be off to college next year, and the right townhome came up, so we went for it. We love our new location–right downtown within walking distance of the market, restaurants, hair salon, etc. It’s kind of a new, exciting chapter to life, isn’t it?

  2. Maggie! Congrats on your new digs. We want to do the same–downsize. Your girl’s website is beautiful and she sounds like a very interesting person. You must be proud. One thing I must advise…get your links to open in a new window so that we still can go right back to your wonderful-ness without having to hit the back button. Moving is a pain (done it so many times) but it’s exciting too, isn’t it? Glad to know you and yours are doing well in 2018. Here’s to it! ☘️🍻🥂🍾

  3. Thanks Brig! And um, how do I do that?
    I really like moving and I haven’t done it much in the past 20 years. The worst is when you think you’re done and you open a closet, “Ohhhhnoooo I forgot about this.” gahh

  4. When you insert a link there’s a little box that says something like “open in new window.” If you check that, it will open the link you’ve inserted as a new window while still keeping your post open. And yes, I know about those closets. You also wonder, Why the hellz do I have this??

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