I Got to Move It, Move It!

Do you know that song? I sing the wrong words and I sing them often. Golf course, in my car, to the dog, all the time.

I got to move it move it! You got to move it move it! We got to move it move it! You got to drop it drop it! (Used when the dog wants to play fetch but won’t give me the ball.)

In 2018, I got to move it, move it!

I haven’t moved in 12 years and I haven’t lived in an apartment for 22 years and I’m moving to an apartment, now, it’s happening.

I will supply a brief back story which I will elaborate on in future blogs. For those of you who have followed for the past five years, you may remember this blog was originally titled “Something Fat Happened”.  When I realized I was doing nothing about addressing the fat issue and not even writing about diet or exercise, I changed the name to “Misc. Maggie”, which to this very moment I find incredibly clever as I am not one for such word play. Now it’s been a couple of years since I have consistently written here and you will not believe the shit that has happened in my life but I’m going to tell you about it in the new “Misc. Maggie Moves On”. 

You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You can go back and read the incredible story of Brigid, the teenager hit by a drunk driver! For the first time ever published you will marvel at the story of Derwood, the husband who died of cardiac arrest in the backyard and the wife who revived him! (Me, I’m the wife.) Trudge through the financial woes and the real estate victory that set the moving wheels in motion! You will also hear more from my multi-media daughter, Annie, and her fabulous “Some Like It Happy” blog/newsletter. And as a special added bonus, you will get a front row seat to my latest endeavor with my medialicious friend, Jennifer, at Becoming.

So you got that, which is nice. What isn’t nice is that I can’t tell if the font is consistent in this post or if anything is showing up the way it is supposed to. Know that I am aware of my layout shortcomings. Will I fix them? I have no idea.

Keys to the new pad.  I’m gonna move it move it!

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