Chicago, isn’t that elevator music anyway?

Judy, one of my very best friends on earth has a sister who has been diagnosed with a serious, serious liver cancer. Elizabeth is the mother of two teenage girls and the wife of the amazing Bob, who is writing a blog about their journey, which is only a few days old at this point (the diagnosis and the blog). Please send prayers and good thoughts and positive energy to Elizabeth and Bob and the girls, Ham and Cheese. Thank you. I think prayer makes a difference and these people need a big difference!


Let me jump right in……

A little housecleaning first.  Thanks to all that have joined this blog the last few days. We pulled up the stats and its mind boggling to us. Almost 500 visits a day and a thousand views is way more than we could’ve ever thought.  And the people that keep following this we can’t thank enough. I’ve heard army and prayer warriors but I think this is like a wave. No matter what your beliefs are everyone is coming together and that’s a really cool thing. I know it means a lot to Elizabeth and me as well. Let’s keep riding the wave to the beach and we’ll all raise a toast at the end. And those across the world, leave me a message. We have views from Australia, Columbia, Japan, Germany, let us know because that’s just the best and want to know who you…

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