My Superbowl Wish

I have thought this for weeks. I haven’t had a computer and now I’m running out of time. Real quick here is my Superbowl wish.

My Superbowl wish for Superbowl 49 (Roman numerals hurt my brain and I always know the Superbowl is one year younger than I am or will be in that year).  My Superbowl wish is that both teams, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, all get stomach flu and the NFL and the network carrying it decide to pass on the game. Everyone is barfing and has diarrhea and they simply cannot play the game.

Tom, you bug me. BUG. ME.
Tom, you bug me. BUG. ME.


You know what Pete? It ain't ladylike to chew gum.
You know what Pete? It ain’t ladylike to chew gum.

12 thoughts on “My Superbowl Wish

  1. I was rather hoping for a Haboob. Sure it only last three hours, but that’s enough to ruin the game. (A lens-shaped dust wall generated from surface outflow from a mature thunderstorm cell. The name comes from the Arabic word habb, meaning “wind.” Haboobs are most frequent in SW North America during the month os May through September, with most frequent occurrence in June, but they can occur in every month. Their average duration is less than three hours. The average maximum wind velocity is over 30 mph and dust may raise to heights exceeding 3000 feet.)

  2. My sweet husband is on the same page as you are, Maggie, lol. In our home, it’s my daughter and I who enjoy (most years) the Superbowl, while he hides out. 😉 xoxoM

  3. AWESOME JOB everyone!! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all your gorgeous creations =) Thanks so much Nicole for another Aweseome release and I'm so excited about these Inky Dinky DrpLs–oOVE THEM! =) Hugs!

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