I Got Published!

That is not true at all but I am thanked in a book that has been published. I edited the hell out of this book and have eaten a lot of good food thanks to this book.


My friend Eddie from college has a blog dedicated to Italian food and wine and restaurants and food.


Once a week he posts a recipe for Sunday Pasta. He assembled the Sunday Pasta recipes into a beautiful cookbook (I know it is beautiful because Eddie sent me one because he never could have done it without me, as far as you know) and called it Sunday Pasta, which makes sense.

Eddie was in my dorm freshman year. I think he was my secret Santa or I was his or something like that. We both lived in Boston after college. What I’m saying is that although I’ve been friends with him for a long time; I got to really know him by editing this book. He writes about his history, his family, his parents and grandparents, his wife and kids. This is a very personal cookbook and I am so happy I was asked to help with it.

That being said, I wish I had known about what a foodie Ed has been all his life. I wish he had mentioned, at some point, that he was raised eating and cooking gourmet Italian food. The authentic and delicious food he has shared in this book. I wish I had known that back in the 80s when I was cooking him my version of chicken parmigiana which I believe included my forgetting to saute the chicken before sticking it in the oven, just gloppy eggy bread crumbs in tomato sauce.  Yep, I would have appreciated having this information back then.

If you want your own copy of Sunday Pasta click here.

Buon Appetito!

17 thoughts on “I Got Published!

  1. Hey, editing a book that has been published is almost the same as writing it yourself, at least in terms of the work involved. So yes, pat yourself on the back and pull out the Chianti, Maggie!

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