The Cruise Lessons I Learned

Don’t want my Misc. Maggie followers to miss out on my virgin cruise. Not virgin, I mean inaugural. I guess. I don’t know. I went on a cruise.

Dear Judy...Letters to Tanzania

Dear Judy,

I’ve done it. I have gone on a cruise. When we first got on board I said, “This is like Vegas wrapped in a state fair on water.” Deren said, “Reno”. That may not be true for all cruises but it was for this one.

Prior to our 3-day cruise on the SS Purell, I was very curious about what happens on a cruise as it seems that you aren’t really making your own plans, as you would if you had rented a vacation house and were going to do what you wanted to do. The following is what I learned happens with cruising.

What I pictured What I pictured

1. Be sure to get a suite or a really good room; whatever accommodation that will get you into the VIP waiting room. While there, read your book and be happy that you don’t have to stand outside in the hot…

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2 replies to “The Cruise Lessons I Learned

  1. I have been to Ensenada on a cruise as well and it was a lot of fun! That sounds like one scary pedicure though. My ship did not have Purell stations though. Now I feel jipped.

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