The ill wind that blew no good

The Kitchen’s Garden is my favorite blog and Cecelia has written mourning in her blog today as perfectly as anyone ever could.


.. was no good wind at all…

Bad news should always be delivered fast I think.  So here it is.

Yesterday when I woke up I discovered that our Old Big Dog had died in the night.   I won’t put you through a nostalgic slide show. He was a good dog. And an old dog too. And now he has died quietly in his sleep.

When I looked out the window at dawn, I saw Boo circling and circling around his old mentor (the one who taught him to bark at cars up to 2 miles away) , then sitting and looking at the house, then circling again.  When I came out to see – I discovered that, under his blanket, the old dog had died. Right in the line of the sunrise, where he always slept so as to catch the first rays of the day.

Rest in Peace Big…

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3 replies to “The ill wind that blew no good

  1. Double shit:  just read the first few lines and thought it was about Mudd.  Hang on to the condolence until the time is right.  Jesus.

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