Headlines: Here’s the Thing

I think this is a good one, over at my new blog.

Dear Judy...Letters to Tanzania

Dear Judy,

I know that being way over there in Africa must be tough, knowing that you are missing out on all the big news over here in the U.S. Seeing as how we are besties, I am taking it upon myself to bring you today’s news. I have a few daily internet stops for the news: USA Today, NY Times, HuffPost, OregonLive and sometimes the Wall Street Journal. Please note that even though I lean to the right, I don’t regularly read any real right sites. Drudge’s home page overwhelms me. National Review has gone much further right than Buckley ever intended and Kathy Jean Lopez makes me want to commit violence with a rusty butter knife. I like to read what the other side is up to and argue with them in the comments. Yep, that’s how bored I get at work.

Here are the lead stories for…

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5 replies to “Headlines: Here’s the Thing

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