I’m Right Here!

No, further down. Down here, in Southern California. I’m in Palm Springs for spring break. It took some doing but I’m here.

Monday night after work I went to the mall to get a bathing suit. I tried on a few at Macy’s and one was okay. I didn’t cry. I didn’t get in a snit. I just said, “this is who you are and you have to find a bathing suit that fits so just get on with it.”

I then thought about Land’s End at Sears….they would surely have a matronly tankini for me. I walked allllll the way down to the Sears end of the mall and found a bunch to try on but couldn’t find a dressing room. I bumped into a smiling Sears man who did not speak English as his native tongue but he pointed me in the direction of a dressing room and then I realized he was following me. I had asked directions from the Sears Roofing man and he wanted, really WANTED to talk to me about getting a new roof.

I eluded him and found the dressing rooms. Again, I didn’t cry and got one that works. Of course, the top is three sizes larger than the bottom but it still works.

I then got a pedicure in the mall pedicure place which entailed much smiling at words I couldn’t understand. Being told things cost $33 or $5 or no charge. I have no idea what was going on but I have cute orange toe nails now.

I had to fly to California. I got through security in the random check through line which I have no idea what it is or why they picked me but it goes much faster. I then went to the bathroom and dropped my boarding pass (one copy, I had two) in the toilet. I do that when I fly to California.Ā  Had a nice flight down and chatted with the woman next to me only to discover that I had made out with her brother way back in the day. He is mentioned here.

And now I am in Palm Springs!

Here is the backyard:


This evening we are going Village Fest or something like that in downtown Palm Springs and hopefully I will find a book store. Das Boot not being a good vacation read. I did just finish another book so you can check that out on my reading list.

And that’s all. I will have more and better photos soon!

Thank you Andrew at Shut Up, Dad for noticing that I was gone! Such a nice boy.

I have a very twisted Palm Springs story that if I am not to busy driving around with Annie and looking at Frank Sinatra’s house or soaking up the sun, I may blog tomorrow.


19 replies to “I’m Right Here!

  1. Glad you are alive! I was going to fly out and use Sam to find you, except for the fact I don’t know where you live, and, Sam is a herder.

    Enjoy. Rest. Read. Laugh. We’ll be here on the flip side.

  2. Sat next to a woman whose brother you had made out with… what are the odds? That almost NEVER happens to me. Anyway, have fun in the warm weather, I love Palm Springs (only been once but loved it – go up that one mountain on the steep cable car, the air is way cooler up at the top). I’m jealous. We’re still freezing here in Ontario.

  3. Lucky Duck. I love Palm Springs. We try and go every year and after trying town after town in and around Palm Springs, we opt for Indian Wells. Lots of cool mid-century modern architecture. Lots of golf. But be sure and take the aerial ROTATING tramway. šŸ™‚ And PS, if you want a great hole in the wall place to eat breakfast, the locals go to Keedys, on Route 111 in Palm Desert. We became regulars.

    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. PSS: We did a lot of star house sleuthing; most of them are behind tall gates, like Frank’s. It’s on a very busy road, nothing like you’d think it would be. Be prepared to hop out of the moving car to get a photo.

    The house I’d kill to see is Bob Hope’s former house but you can’t even get to the road the house is on, way up the hill overlooking Palm Springs; gated.

    Also, be sure and have lunch one day at Ernie’s Bar and Grill at the PGA West course past La Quinta. You don’t need to be a member to do so. Sit outside.

    1. EOS you read my mind! This morning is the tour of the stars houses! Our house isn’t far from Movie Colony and I think there are a bunch in there. Annie did want to see Bob’s house. I know where it is since you can see it from 111 but good to know we can’t even approach. It’s for sale! Do you have $50 mil? or we could go in together? We ate on El Paseo in PD yesterday. My brother was out at LaQuinta a few days ago and I have to pick Brigid up from a pal’s at Thunderbird today so we are roaming far and wide! xoxoxox

  5. Sounds fun! Not the bathing suit buying part though, that’s the worst. Mine is coming soon enough and I know what you mean about the top being about 3 sizes bigger than the bottom. But at least we have great flotation devices!

  6. I hope you’re having a great getaway. I can’t swim which I think is a blessing because it’s a great reason not to ever shop for a bathing suit. That would terrify me at this point in flab.

  7. Check you out, all “seeing the world” and stuff!
    Did you fly into the Sonny Bono airport?
    That and Key West are the two most delightful airports I’ve been in.

    Have a blast!

  8. Of course I noticed! But at least you were having fun. Reading Das Boot on the vacation does sound like homework. I’m reading Ulysses currently, and probably will be for the next 6 months. So I can sympathize. Glad you’re back!

    1. I was wrong, it wasn’t Das Boot. It was the Tin Drum. I left it there, too much German post war angst for me. Good luck on Ulysses, get drunk and read it, that’s how it was written šŸ™‚

      1. Oh I have. But the problem is, then I fall asleep. And that book is really thick and heavy. Like a tombstone, and then it falls on my face. Hurts wicked bad. Warning – Do not drink and read Ulysses.

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