Pinterest! Seriously, Enough!

I go on Pinterest and Pin things. It’s fun. I have pinned many pictures of sheets I’d like, boots I wanted for Christmas, fire pits for the back yard, couches, rugs, food, decorations. It’s Pinterest, that’s what you do. Do you do Pinterest? Pinners can like other people’s pins and repin them if they like them. A lot of people have been liking one of my pins. A LOT of people, I get notifications everyday, all day long of people liking and repinning one of my pins. The same pin. Every. Day.

I have used Pinterest for furniture like this:

sofagreen cubescutechair

Aren’t those lovely pieces? Those aren’t getting repinned constantly.

What pin is so popular? Is it one of these:

This year's project for the back yard.
This year’s project for the back yard.
goodies for birds to make nests
goodies for birds to make nests

or some good food like this:

Hello grilled brussels sprouts and aioli. You make me happy.
Hello grilled brussels sprouts and aioli. You make me happy.
Summer is coming!
Summer is coming!

Perhaps any of these fantastic miscellaneous pins….

I have the Tee Time purse. If you Pin it, it will come true.
I have the Tee Time purse. If you Pin it, it will come true.


orange peel and vinegar make your own cleaner
orange peel and vinegar make your own cleaner

One of my funny Lenten pins?

lent meme


Me, at the end of Lent.
Me, at the end of Lent.


What pin is being maniacally repinned daily??

This one:

Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheese Soup. I've never even made this.
Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheese Soup. I’ve never even made this.

Perhaps I should make it.


39 thoughts on “Pinterest! Seriously, Enough!

  1. Addie

    It’s all in the timing, I’ve found. Right before I opened the link to this post, I spent 5 minutes deleting all the notifications I’d received overnight–and will receive all during the day–for just one of my gazillion pins; Nutella Cheesecake. Granted, it’s lush, still…can’t they look at something else on my boards?

    BTW, what is your Pinterest identity? I want to pin that soup.

      1. Addie

        I tried to find it, but, there are a number of Maggie O’Connors…may we reverse this and you find me under Adair Cofey?

  2. Everyone tells me I need to be on Pinterest, but I can barely keep up with the social media sites I have. Maybe I should ditch Facebook for Pinterest. Maybe it would take less time. Nothing to read; only things to see, like soup and Willy Wonka (and apparently Augustus Gloop… 😉 )

    1. I gave up Diet Coke. So basically I gave up air. Birthdays are totally exception days. I remember in high school we would say that Sundays were exception days. Catholics can finagle anything.

    1. It’s the wise choice. I’ve probably had close to 20 emails today telling me that someone has repinned that damn soup recipe. I’m going to go delete the pin because I can’t take it. Pinterest 1 Maggie 0

  3. It has come to my attention that several images on my blog have been pinned, but I am only on Pinterest by extension. I suffer the same reluctance as Carrie. I have a hard enough time maintaining my blog and trying to work on other writing outside of Lame Adventures. I am doing my best to try to avoid drowning in this tsunami of social media. But it is pretty funny that something that seems as innocuous as Weight Watchers Broccoli Cheese Soup would be your top pin. WTF is that about? I suppose people overwhelmingly want their cheese, their broccoli and oh yeah, they also want to lose weight.

    1. Just don’t do it. The recipe thing is just annoying now. I should go look at it and see what the ingredients are that are so fabulous. I’ve got a really good cream of broccoli soup recipe but I don’t think WW would approve!

        1. I’m going to bet that most of the ladies (and it is mostly women) on Pinterest have no idea who Harold Pinter was. NO! I stand corrected, I just went and search for him and there are a lot of Harold Pinter Pins. Ha.

          I deleted the recipe, it called for Velveeta and that is just NOOOOOO.

  4. I tried the Pinterest once. It made me feel inadequate, so I stopped. I will never be that crafty or organized or together.

    But I CAN make broccoli cheese soup. Maybe I will go back to Pinterest for the food.

  5. unfetteredbs

    I dabble on Pinterest. But I really suck because no one follows me or repins me. I’m boring … I guess I should add some cheese eh! Happy weekend Maggie.

  6. I found you and I followed 🙂 I won’t be repinning any cheesy broccoliy soup though and I could NEVER give up diet coke (addicted much?!)

    For a long time I didn’t get pinterest, then for a long time I looked, and when I started to pin I pinned like crazy!! I’ve been awol for a while though – life got in the way…

  7. Wow. People be loving that broccoli cheese soup! Maybe it’s because it’s Weight Watchers, so it’s virtuous, and it has green stuff in, so must be full of healthfulness. And yet…. and yet! It’s essentially a bowl of cheese!

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