Shame on you Paw My Gosh

Do you follow Paw My Gosh on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Tumblr or whatever the hell other place there is for following things? Paw My Gosh is one of those websites with cute dog pictures and stories and videos about darling animals and the wonderful things they do. Up until last week, I followed Paw My Gosh on Facebook so I could enjoy pictures of puppies and bunnies. Unfortunately, Paw My Gosh posted something which I found absolutely despicable and I had to unfollow them.

The title of the offending post, which you can see here, read: “A Hero and a Coward”. The story took place in rural Argentina. A 14-year-old girl (that is all the detail given regarding the girl, she is 14) abandoned her newborn baby. A dog, who had a litter of her own, dragged the baby back into her little hideout, where the baby was eventually found by someone who heard his crying. The dog is the hero. The 14-year-old girl is the coward.

No back story. The 14-year-old child in the Argentinian countryside is a coward.

Was she raped?

Is she developmentally disabled?

Where are her parents? Where are any adults?

No story, she’s just a coward.

I was disgusted that Paw My Gosh called a child in this situation a “coward” and I posted as much in the comments. I also said I was unfollowing them because of it. I know, like they care but still, it’s a matter of principle.

I unfollowed Paw My Gosh, however I continued to receive notifications of responses to my comment. It soon became clear that people thought I was calling the girl a coward, which I would NEVER do. You may ask, “Maggie, why would they think you were calling the girl a coward?” I’ll tell you why, because Paw My Gosh changed the title to the post after I, and many others, wrote that we were appalled at the use of the word “coward” to describe a 14-year-old giving birth out in the countryside in Argentina and abandoning the baby. (I’m not saying that is a good thing to do, but clearly there is more to the story.) Anyway, people were confused because they couldn’t see the original title “A Hero and a Coward” so they attributed the name calling to me.

I was sickened by the number of comments cheering the dog for being so “humane” and condemning the 14-year-old girl. The dog acted on instinct, that’s what dogs do. I’m a big fan of dogs. I have rescue dogs (and cats). You know what I love more than dogs? Children. Human children. Commenters were flipping out about who was caring for the dog, what about the dog, help the dog!!! What about the child who had a baby? Is anyone concerned about what the hell is going on there? Is anyone trying to help that kid who is clearly in desperate need of assistance and as I mentioned, is a human being? I don’t know the answer to that because Paw My Gosh did not see fit to provide any information other than a 14-year-old Coward abandoned her baby.

I also noticed that a post which had had more than 100 comments, suddenly had about half that many.  Comments are missing, including my initial comment which ended with Unfollow.

Paw My Gosh labeled a child in distress a “coward”. Then, when there was justifiable push back from their audience, they removed the word and deleted all the critical comments.

Paw My Gosh, please explain this. Please clarify who is the COWARD? The frightened 14-year-old child, living in a Catholic, 2nd world country (at best), who abandoned her baby? Or your staff who didn’t even have the balls to apologize but instead quietly took down the offensive word and deleted the comments calling them out for an egregious lack of human compassion?  We have no idea why the girl did what she did or that she even realized the consequences of her actions. For God’s sake, she gave birth to a baby alone outside!

As has been seen on this blog, I have had to take the backlash for what I have written. I didn’t go back and edit the contents of the original post. I didn’t delete comments critical of me and my writing. I owned it and that isn’t always easy. It’s not as hard as being a child, alone in a field giving birth and abandoning the baby but it’s mildly unpleasant.

I wouldn’t be as furious as I am, if Paw My Gosh had just taken the heat and left the post and the comments alone. But they didn’t.

So Paw My Gosh, why don’t you grow a pair and own what you wrote?


47 thoughts on “Shame on you Paw My Gosh

  1. I wish I hadn’t read this. But thanks for your anger here, Maggie, this person needs to be called out for levelling such judgment on someone who is a child herself. 14 year olds having babies, in poverty; they don’t get to be accused of anything, they need our help. Sorry you had to take backlash for this, but I’m with you, and glad you stood up even if the author of the original article didn’t.

      1. Give em hell. They have it coming. That’s really despicable… when I was 14, I couldn’t stand straight, let alone take care of a baby. Talk about blaming the victim…

        1. Trent, I think I’m having outrage week 🙂 I have a 14 year old girl and this wouldn’t happen because if she wound up pregnant, she has parents who would take care of her and then ground her for life.

    1. Candy

      This is a tragic event for sure but if the smart dog didn’t act with love, who knows what would’ve happened to this innocent baby? The word coward was not the right word to use. But the girl was wrong for what she did. I’m not sure what else she could have done, but I think you’re being too harsh on Paw My Gosh, they do help thousands of helpless animals that so many do not care about.

      1. Thank you for reading and commenting Candy. The dog acted on instinct and that is a lovely thing. The girl was “wrong” in our American world not in a rural village in South America. Again, we don’t know most of this story. Was she raped? Well, yes, of course she was. She was 14 years old and gave birth to a baby. She was raped by somebody. What sort of sex education is available in rural Argentina? None, I’m guessing. As I said, I have teenage daughters who would have been terrified but much better educated on what was happening and who have a strong support system around them. PMG called this little girl a coward and that still angers me, they didn’t own it or apologize and that makes them cowards in my book. A lot of this comes down to opinions and priorities. To me, humans are more important than dogs. Thank you again for your comment.

  2. Addie

    Hurrah for you, Miss Maggie!! Huge marching bands and stadiums full of cheering people kind of Hurrah!!

    I’ve read horror stories of how people treat animals and the uprising over abandonment of pets and cruelty shown by humans to other species. I am always outraged, and, until Sam, have only owned rescued dogs and cats.

    And this is my comment on each and every story about the abuse of animals by humans:

    This is horrific, and the perpetrator should be punished by the judicial system. With that said, how is it people are surprised by this type of thing? Look at how little we value our precious young…what makes you think we can value another species?


  3. Righto. You’re a weirdo, friend. 100 people read that, 99 don’t question it, move on. Critical thinking is my favorite attribute in a human and you are in my tippy top. People already didn’t stand up much and with further ‘shielding’ of the internet, I wonder how many vertebrates will remain amoung our kind. Standing up isn’t even that unpleasant if you picture the miscreants who are likely on the other side of the nasty posts. Which I guess is how I’d think of them, if I thought about them, which I don’t.

  4. What shameful behavior on the part of Paw My Gosh! I wasn’t a follower before, and I certainly won’t be now. Some people think that the things they say on the internet aren’t “real” and that they don’t have to stand behind their words and actions. Wrong. Paw My Gosh should have, at the very least, issued an apology. Guess we know who the real coward is in this situation (I’m looking at you, PMG).

  5. Paw My Gosh Admin

    When this was posted to pawmygosh, we had a temporary social media person adding the videos to facebook. When I discovered what they wrote, I removed it for the same reasons it angered you. That person no longer updates the facebook page and even apologized for it.

    Allow room in your life for humans to make mistakes before you run to your blog, step on your high horse, and do exactly what you’re condemning someone else for doing: judging without knowing the full story.

    1. You know what you should have done, if that is what happened, explained yourselves. You didn’t own it. And you didn’t explain it. Your bad. Not mine and all your readers who were disgusted by that title. Buck stops with you guys. Grow up.

      1. Anonymous

        Oh gees, get on with it, PMG is great and they do great things, we are all human, but one must always stand out. YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SEEN, what the hell more do you want.

        1. You do realize that you are commenting on a post that is over 2 years old, right? I have gotten on with it, somehow my life has continued without Paw My Gosh in it. Also, please keep in mind, you are reading MY blog. If you don’t like it, you can leave 🙂

    2. Anonymous

      I am a follower and your respond to Maggie is appalling! How dare you talk to her like this with your reply. You should be fired. You should have screened the story your website posted. SMH

  6. Shan

    It was nice that PMG replied, one. Two. It is what it is…for me i look at the actual website, daily in fact, for the nice animal videos. Every heading is wriiten the same…with a bang. I don’t find them relevant because they are just for effect. Basically they are redundant. Three. It is not a news site. And yes i do wish it gave more of a story or a follow-up at times yet that said it is not what it is. If i want to know more about anything…i do my own research. Paw is a nice visit to view what amazing creatures we have among us. Now. I don’t do FB bec to me it is not my thing…probably for the very reasons that infuriates you espc in this particular case. Also i feel…. Visiting the site is in a whole other context. Which is more in line with what their voice is…i do not give credence to others projecting negativity onto me. FB commenters as many commenters, rave and make it worse. Headlines in most publications-are just to garner attention…i believe they will not be so quick to write one like that doosey again. Forgive…let them learn, evolve. Celebrate the compassion of the animals…that’s what i get from the site. Humans should be so lucky. They do a nice job, and seem good-hearted. Stop the hate and write about the girl if you care to and it seems many do as well, care…that would be a nice way to go. Thanks:)

    1. Thank you for reading. You don’t have children do you? We can agree to disagree. What they wrote was ugly. They replied to my post (which I sent them) five months later. As far as I know, they never acknowledged their error on their own website. And from what I can see, they deleted one of their comments on this blog. I’m not impressed. I don’t have to “forgive” them anything. They didn’t do anything to me but I’m free to criticize an organization for their failures, people do it everyday.

  7. PattyKay

    I am kind of confused on why you would ground your 14 year old. A pregnant 14 year old is a 14 year old that was raped. Surely being punished is not the answer.

  8. Lynn

    PMG — I feel you owe all these respondents an apology. They are clearly upset and an impromptu, callus remark on your part was made. A 14 yr old girl is still a child and obviously didn’t have sex education, and was most obviously raped. However, you and I still do not know all the facts. So, therefore, think before you speak and write. We all want to keep watching PMG as long as your blogs are clear, truthful and know all the facts.

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