Oh, I Got Yer Oscar Right Here!

I’m a bit late in the week for my annual Oscar post but this one took more effort than what I have done in the past. That’s not true, I don’t know if I’ve done an Oscar post before and I am too lazy to go look.

First, I have created a scientific diagram showing all the major award nominees and the films they are nominated for. I really don’t have to do much more than insert that and the post is done. But I got nothin’ much going on so I may as well give you my opinion which you are entitled to have.

Scientific Oscar Diagram

The blue lines show who the winners are going to be and what film they were in.

Now for my ever insightful insight.

I don’t know why the Academy went to 10 nominees for best picture other than they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Oh wait, that can’t be it, can it Robert Redford?

Best Film

Captain Phillips wasn’t that good, the Somali guy who is nominated for Best Supporting Actor is the best thing about the movie and if it were another year, he’d be winning. I haven’t seen Her or Philomena but might be able to correct that by Sunday afternoon. Wolf and American Hustle are both really fun movies but I don’t know about Best Picture. August: Osage County was good but felt too much like a play on screen (and it is originally a play). Nebraska, very sweet movie. I didn’t see Gravity because that is a movie about one of my worst nightmares. I think Dallas Buyer’s Club is one of the best movies I have ever seen but I don’t think it’s gonna win. 12 Years a Slave is a very fine film with beautiful performances. It didn’t really connect with me for some reason but it is my opinion that it will win Best Film of the Year.

Best Actor

Matthew McConaughey. There I have said it and that is all that needs to be said.

Best Actress

This leads us to one of my big issues with movies these days.  We know too much about actors. It is very difficult to watch movies with famous actors in them and not think, “So and so is doing a great job acting up there.” Meryl Streep is great in August: Osage County. The woman is so gifted, although it supremely pissed me off that she didn’t mention Margaret Thatcher when she won for the Iron Lady. Poor form Meryl. Anyway, watching her or Julia Roberts, I’m thinking “there’s Meryl and Julia, acting together.” It’s not their fault, it’s just distracting. I think Woody Allen’s poor choices are going to make it tough for Cate Blanchett to win. I haven’t seen the movie and now I’m not going to because I don’t want to be responsible for Woody Allen making one more dollar for anything. I suppose it will go to Amy Adams who is very good in American Hustle, Best Actress of the Year…meh but I think she’s going to win.

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence is  a force of nature and I think she is hilarious, delightful, exciting to watch in American Hustle (everyone in that movie was hitting on all cylinders) but this isn’t her year. June Squibb is a hoot in Nebraska but nope.  Julia Roberts, see above. Sally Hawkins, didn’t see it but I love her name.

Lupita Nyong’o welcome to the big time….Best Supporting Actress and she deserves every award and accolade she has received this season. Brava!!!

Best Supporting Actor

Jared Leto. Just Jared Leto. They didn’t really need to nominate anyone else once Dallas Buyer’s Club came out.

Best Director

Martin Scorsese is not going to win. I really enjoyed Wolf of Wall Street but thought more than once, “that’s just like Goodfellas”. So Marty, not this year. Alexander Payne made a very original movie in Nebraska but I don’t think it’s his year. I’m going to with the conventional wisdom that Alfonso Cuaron is going to win for Gravity.

What are your thoughts? I’ve included a survey so you can vote, too!

21 thoughts on “Oh, I Got Yer Oscar Right Here!

  1. Addie

    I still think Cate will win, she’s brilliant in Blue Jasmine, and, I think the voting members will ignore Woody and reward her hard work.

    I’d love to see Barkhad Abdi, following his BAFTA win, take home the Oscar, however, I may have to concede Jared will take home the award. Barkhad was the best thing in CP, and, I think he out acted Tom Hanks. Plus, he improvised his “I’m the Captain now!” line. Maybe we’ll have a Harold Russell type upset.

    Gravity isn’t worth the watch, even in 3D. I was bored. You haven’t missed much in not going to see the film.

    Philomena was a lovely film, it’s worth a look.

    What are you wearing to watch the ceremonies? I can’t decide between my Little Black Dress or my jammies.

  2. I think you might be right, but I’m not sure about Best Actress. Everyone’s saying it will be Cate Blanchett. Which kind of makes me hope it isn’t, just to make things more interesting. 🙂

    I haven’t seen Blue Jasmine, either. I love Blanchett but have never been a Woody fan, even less so now.

  3. Gravity.
    If there’s a category Gravity can be in, Gravity should win it.
    Best Actor? Gravity.
    Best Director? Gravity.
    Best Foreign Film? Gravity. Because how much more foreign do you get than space??? (Plus I don’t think Alfonso speaks fluent English. So there you go.)


    (*Disclaimer: I don’t think I’ve seen any of the other nominees.)
    (But The Lego Movie was pretty good.)

  4. I think almost all of your selections could be on the money. But I did see Blue Jasmine and I don’t think anyone else comes close to Cate’s performance.

    About Woody Allen … the way people hate him disappoints me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and mine is that Mia Farrow is a card carrying member of the School of Crazy. I can completely understand that his falling in love at age 55 with her 19-year-old daughter, Soon-Yi, was devastating. Mia was blindsided by the affair, but were you aware that in 1968 when she was 23, she did something similar to a woman named Dory Previn, who was married to conductor Andre Previn? Dory got her revenge by writing a song targeting Mia called Beware of Young Girls. Then, she moved on with her life; something Mia cannot do. I think that Mia was hellbent to take revenge on Woody in any way possible, and that included turning the children they had together, Satchel, now called Ronin, their biological son, and Dylan, their adopted daughter, against him. On the heels of the ugly and long McMartin preschool trial that destroyed so many reputations, Mia knew that any accusation of child molestation would be impossible to live down. I think that Mia coached this little girl into believing that it happened and in turn, Satchel/Ronin, out of loyalty to their mother and sister, preaches this Mia-spun gospel. I think that the courts did not convict Woody Allen because he is innocent. I think that if he were truly guilty of a crime so revolting, Mia would never have given up trying to get him convicted. Furthermore, he and Soon-yi have adopted two girls. I would think they, and especially he, would have been screened to the maximum. Back to Mia, I think the real reason behind dragging this scandal back into the spotlight is it kills her to see that his career has continued to thirve over these 20+ years since the scandal hit, the role of Jasmine was no doubt one she would have loved to play and next month, a musical based on Bullets Over Broadway opens on Broadway. As for Mia, she killed her own acting career when she tried to destroy him. There’s a saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” That should be written on her gravestone. I am not interested in picking a fight with you or any members of your following about this for I know people are very dug into their opinion about this and I am not trying to convert anyone to my way of thinking. These are just my thoughts. Lastly, The New York Times allowed Woody to publish a rebuttal to Dylan’s recent letter. If you have not read it, here it is:

    My friend Milton said he wishes all of Woody’s films were as brilliant as that response to this ugliness.

    1. Just real quick Lame, there is no proof that he has done anything other than marry is much younger step-daughter, which is icky. Mia is NUTS. I was just mentioning that there are those that say Cate’s chances will be affected by all of this. I don’t care for him in general, just not my taste. That being said, Midnight in Paris is one of the most magical lovely movies, I have ever seen.

      1. He never married Mia nor was he a father figure to any of her children other than the ones they had or adopted together: Dylan, Satchel/Ronin and Moses. Moses is back on speaking terms with Woody. Mia has now cut him out of her life. Andre Previn is Soon-yi’s adoptive father. Woody and Mia always maintained separate residences partly I think for him to escape her brood. It was Mia’s idea that he spend time with Soon-yi because she was into the Knicks. I don’t think Mia had any interest in going with him to their games. That’s how he got to know Soon-yi. Glad you like one if his films. Coco loves Midnight in Paris so much I think she owns both the video and the soundtrack.

      2. I don’t mean to be like a dog with a bone about Woody Allen but I just had to speak up. Whether you, or anyone, likes his films or not, I think it’s horrifying that he’ll never live this down. The only people who know the truth are Woody and Mia. I’m just on his side. Long ago, a crazy ex girlfriend lied about me to my then employer and said I did something unbelievably bad to her. It was such a crazy accusation with no proof that it happened, I naively assumed no one would believe it so I didn’t take it seriously. What a huge mistake on my part. I was considered guilty because I couldn’t prove my innocence. It haunted me for the remainder of my time at that company. Angry exes can be diabolical. So I side with him, but I do feel very sorry for Dylan who I think was her angry mother’s pawn.

        1. I hear you. I am so sorry that happened to you! I think Dylan is her mother’s pawn and as mentioned, Mia Farrow is crazy.

          Woody will be fine. He has weathered plenty of storms. I’m not a fan but I don’t put him in league with Roman Polanski!

          I also liked Manhattan Murder Mystery. 🙂

  5. Tilda

    Can I tick all the boxes in your poll?
    I haven’t seen any of the films, but from the reviews I’ve read you sound pretty spot on.

    And I love the promo with Ellen dancing – hope it’s a good show.

  6. There are soooo many tough choices this year. I do think Cate knocked her lead role with Blue Jasmine out out the park. I’m not just saying that, because I do have a mid… err… moderate crush on her. It’s bologna that the personal life should interfere with the quality of a movie. A piece of art is a piece of art.

    Sure, Woody Allen is quirky. We don’t know the truth. I think there would be more cases of nonsense, not just family-related, that could hinder his career. Farrow is a nut job herself.

    Blue Jasmine is a fantastic movie, but–really–all these movies are going to create quite a show. I’m glad Ellen is hosting again, and maybe Billy Crystal will show up. They’re the only two allowed to host.

    (Sorry for the delay with this. I wrote it up yesterday and never hit “post.” Please admire my genius, the lack-there-of. Haha. Now,if you excuse me, I’m going roll my eyes at myself.)

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