My 5×5

Thanks to Carrie Rubin for posting her list and for Benzeknees for having the idea.  I don’t have blogger’s block, I’m just a lazy blogger. I’m always writing blogs in my head but can’t be bothered to actually type them out. HOWEVER, I cannot resist a good list opportunity. Here is my 5×5 list blog.

5 Things I am Passionate About

  • Good manners (Spaldinggetyourfootofftheboat)
  • Good grammar (or should I say well grammar?)
  • Fundraising
  • Food (Please see list of Things I Say A Lot below)
  • My shows

5 Things I Would Like to Do Before I Die

  • Meet my grandchildren (I need to live for a few more decades because there is no way I want any now)
  • See Annie in a movie. (My daughter, I have seen the movie Annie)
  • Go to Italy with Derwood
  • Live in Gearhart
  • Go to Ireland with anyone who wants to go

5 Things I Say A Lot

  • I’m fat
  • Fuck
  • Fuck, I’m fat
  • Drive up!
  • Will you get some wine while you’re at the store?

5 Books or Magazines I Have Read Lately (More details on my reading list page)

  • March
  • Wiseguy
  • Andersonville
  • Cooking Light (no, I’m not)
  • Colgate Scene

5 Favorite Movies

  • Parent Trap (the original although the second one is okay but not a favorite)
  • Lost in Translation
  • Dallas Buyer’s Club (Oscar post is tomorrow!)
  • Philadelphia Story
  • Gone with the Wind (duh)

What do you think? If you want to do this, and of course you do, be sure to include a link to Benzeknees original post!

22 thoughts on “My 5×5

  1. Addie

    I just started Andersonville. I read it in High School, and wanted to revisit.

    Your list(s) are great! I may do this, too, since I, too, think of blogs and never write them.

    PS I say fuck quite a bit. Mother says I’m crass. Meh.

  2. Oh, wow, I haven’t thought of the movie ‘Parent Trap’ in years. I loved that movie! That was before the days when we could watch a movie whenever and wherever we wanted. We actually had to wait for it to be shown on TV.

    Thanks for the mention. I enjoyed reading your 5X5. Like you, I have plenty of blog topics in my head; I just down get them typed out. The 5X5 was simply easier. 🙂

  3. I’m surprised Caddyshack didn’t make your list after that opening quote.
    (Which had me laughing through the post.)

    My wife has been to Ireland. We both want to go together at some point.

  4. That was fun! I’ll definitely have to do this when we get back from our honeymoon, as I suspect I will have little to no motivation to be creative and my brainpower as I transition from vacation to Real World mode will be negligible. Plus, when I’m on vacation, I read a lot, so that category will be easy!

      1. The wedding was such a whirlwind, we didn’t even have time to eat, much less take pictures! Our professional ones should be ready in a few weeks though; I’ll be sure to post some of the good ones for you 🙂

        1. It’s so true that the bride doesn’t get to eat. My first wedding, the big one, my mother made me eat before and then the country club sent us back to our hotel with a picnic basket full of food and I sat on the floor in my gown and gorged myself!!!

          Can’t wait to see the pics!

  5. Other than saying fuck and fuck I’m fat and eating, we’d not have much fun together. You are so not fat and I’d totally go to Ireland with you, if you can’t get any takers and my wife lapses into a coma or something and I can get a sitter, of course. Lol.

    1. and drinking! we both are good at drinking! I will have my kids watch your kids while we go to Ireland, if Derwood is in a coma, too. Even then, he might not be that happy about it but I need to see the homeland.

  6. Addie

    Just an aside…Ireland is jaw dropping beautiful, and, I can say with hand in heart, I’ve never seen a shade of green like the green over there.

  7. I near lost a mouthful of wine on the 5 things you say a lot…

    Guess I better run out and see Dallas Buyer’s Club stat. I’m pretty passionate about movies myself, I love them, can’t get enough, but also don’t have enough times to see enough of them, it seems.

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