Snow Weekend in Portland

Snow storms don’t hit Portland, Oregon very often. We had a huge storm five years ago which I didn’t enjoy as much as I should have because my mother had died 8-10 weeks previous so I wasn’t in a good mood. And, it was over Christmas. Portland shuts down when snow shows up so, at the time, we couldn’t get off our street and wound up with no Christmas tree.

This time…we have had the perfect storm. It started snowing Thursday around lunch time. And snowed all day through Saturday when freezing rain moved in. It’s still so beautiful and monochromatic.

Derwood and I have had a lovely weekend. Lots of food, wine, movies, crackling fires. This is what a snowstorm should be!!!

Here is my photo album.


Front Yard pics
Front Yard pics

The Mudd Series:

IMG_4993 IMG_4992IMG_4999 IMG_4998 IMG_4997Mudd was very happy with this weather:


These are my artistic shots.  I think art should include recycling bins when possible.

IMG_5015 IMG_5014 IMG_5013 IMG_5012 IMG_5011 IMG_5010

Before it got too deep and the freezing rain started, I let the cat go out. Now I won’t, so she walks around crying. There is nothing better than non-stop cat whining.

IMG_5017 IMG_5016

The photo below is the height of the snow.  And tomorrow (Monday) afternoon….it will warm up and it will just be raining. I gotta say though, this was the perfect storm. The girls were safe and warm (if not “booorreeddd” at their dad’s, no fault of his)  Derwood had chains put on his car Thursday during his 3-4 hour commute home. The weather was beautiful. We walked the dawg. Had roaring fires. Good food and wine. We watched movies…. Prisoners (NO), Enough Said (the most authentic movie I’ve ever seen), Dallas Buyers Club (my second viewing, one of my most fave movies ever).


And they lived happily ever after.

During this brutally cold winter, remember your local homeless shelters. For my Portland readers, Portland Rescue Mission is one of the best..

21 thoughts on “Snow Weekend in Portland

  1. Nice to see someone who’s enjoying a snow storm. I lost my enthusiasm after our ten-thousandth one. 😉

    I saw the movie ‘Prisoners.’ I liked it, but it was intense with a capital I. Would like to see ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and ‘Enough Said,’ too.

  2. Addie

    Great photos and you gave your opinion on three movies I want to see. Win/Win for me! Wait, this isn’t about me, is it? Glad you stayed safe and warm and entertained!

  3. unfetteredbs

    Even though I am quite tired of the white stuff and the bone chilling cold, I do love my snow days. Something nice about being trapped and cozy. Hoping for one on Thursday

  4. I actually miss days like you’ve described and a crackling fire while it’s “frightful” outside. We saw Prisoners when it came out at the theaters and I was a bit disappointed. Believe it or not I’ve not seen Dallas Buyers’ Club but I’ve heard good things. Your sweet pup looks happy in the snow. Stay warm!

  5. That looks like a nice storm. We have had so many so far this year, we’re buried. Every new bit is less pretty and more annoying… until this past weekend. We had a huge dump of snow, but it was relatively warm and there was some sunshine after the storm… we all went snowshoeing, buried up to our knees and falling over. I miss winter when it’s gone, no matter how much I complain.

    Love the fireplace – I wish I had one.

  6. Mag, the snow has gotten real old out here. Last Wednesday the power was out on my subway line so I had to trudge through freezing rain and schlep over several blocks of slushy slop to catch a different subway line amongst a miserable horde waiting on the platform. My 25 minute commute took three times as long. I’m more than ready for spring. But even though I relate to your cat, I’m glad that your brush with flakes was a treat for Mudd, Deren and you. Another ten inches could be heading here as soon as Thursday.

  7. I love all your pictures! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

    I’m so ready for a snow day here! We’ve had bone-chilling, soul-sucking cold, but no white fluffy stuff, which means I’ve had to go to work. Booooo! We’re potentially going to get snow tomorrow night; I don’t have a fireplace but I do have wine and Netflix, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day.

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