I Know What Courage Looks Like

“The test of a people is what they can do when they are tired.” — Winston Churchill

I realize Churchill was most likely discussing the British people when he said that;  a people worn down by years of war waiting for the U.S. to join the team. Perhaps he was referring to Londoners soldiering on during the Blitz. Either way, I also understand his words in a deeply personal way for I have had a cold.

Oh, I’m better now but I was really sick. No, not the flu but still it was exhausting. Nope, not pneumonia but one night my ear hurt and I had to lie on a heating pad. So I get the whole “persevere though the world may be against you and you may feel forsaken” because I am getting over a really bad cold.


I have spent the better part of four days on the couch or in bed. I haven’t been this sick in years. My fever was over 100 degrees, not over 101 but still it was uncomfortable. I come away from my trauma with valuable information for you gained from my days on the couch.

Netflix is our friend. When we are down and feelin’ low, Netflix is there for us. Just a button push away once you find the remote that controls the TV input and get it set to DVD because you accidentally programmed AppleTV for DVD and the DVD is now HDMI 5 and then get the Apple remote to go to Netflix and find the Comcast remote to control the volume. THEN….you are all set!

What I watched:

Top of the Lake – Golden Globe nominated mini-series. I am one to review the Golden Globe awards for good stuff to watch on Netflix which is how I found “Into the Storm”, “Grey Gardens” and “Taking Chance”….watch those! The stories, the performances, all are viewing and award-worthy.  What’s her name from Mad Men, used to be married to Fred Armisen of Portlandia…. Elizabeth Moss! Elizabeth Moss stars in and was nominated for her performance in this Kiwi mystery.  I give it a big moaning, groaning MEHHHHH. Moss is a good actress but her accent could be British, could be New Zealandish, could be Southie in Boston. Jane Campion directs and lets you know how much she loathes men, make no mistake about Jane Campion….NOT a fan of male human beings.  If you are not just sick but tied to a couch, watch this.

The Bletchley Circle – Lovely mystery mini-series about four women who worked at Bletchley during the war deciphering German code who reunite to solve a mystery!

The Fall– Gillian Anderson is really beautiful and this is good. I gotta go back and look to see what it was about. It’s in Ireland, I think.  Oh yeah, I remember, this is worth watching and apparently there’s going to be a 2nd season according to BBC2. It’s like the Killing. Even if I weren’t sick, I would watch this.

I’m prepping myself for moving to England and being an eccentric American lady detective with my UK partner Lazy Laura Maisey.  In preparation I am watching BBC programming and ending sentences with “quite”.  I am very keen on being a detective. Quite.  I have to work on that.

Sherlock – I think I am late to the Sherlock game. Quite. Fabulous show, a tad hard to follow if you have taken any cold medicine. Quite. The third season starts on the 19th here in the U.S. Yay! Very fabulous!

On to the truly courageous…

Annie’s friend Katie has wakened from her coma! She has a long recovery ahead of her but she is awake! The human brain/body is a miraculous machine. Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts! Katie is at a Portland children’s hospital where she will remain for her rehabilitation. What a gift to her family, friends and the entire community. Such a blessing and a relief.

Also, I have set up another page for this blog in fulfillment of one of my 2014 revolutions. 2014 Reading List. I have finished one book so far and started “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” last night. It is so good, there is a chance I will finish it tonight.

23 thoughts on “I Know What Courage Looks Like

  1. Maggie –

    A Downton Abbey marathon wasn’t part of your cold war on the couch? No wonder it took you four days to nurse yourself back to health. Mrs. Hughes would’ve had you back up and running in less than two.


  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, and wait — no ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK? I’ve been out sick for two days (MEANWHILE my wedding.. I mean my brother’s wedding in which I’m the best man.. is ON SATURDAY. But I’m feeling better! Wow; how did I manage to make this all about me?) and OITNB has been my saving grace! I’m obsessed, Netflix truly does have our backs.

    Glad to hear the good news about Katie!

    1. Nic, I need to give Orange another shot. It didn’t hook me. Last night Derwood and I watched two more episodes of American Horror Story Asylum, that’s comforting television.

      Hope you don’t cough so hard you gag during your speech. Did I tell you about making my sister’s wedding about me because I wore such a low cut dress that all anyone noticed was my boobs?

  3. Sorry you were so sick! I liked the Lake show…w Moss. I didn’t know she was married to Armisen!!! Anyhoo…LOVED HOLLY HUNTER in that…but it fizzled. So happy for your friend’s daughter!!! Wow. Human being life is pretty amazing! I love Sherlock too. I will move to England with you. I will run the pub you and Maisey come to when you are working a case.

  4. Addie

    Straight to the glorious news–Katie. I’m so happy to hear she’s awake!! She’ll stay in my prayers.

    PS Try Justified.

  5. Where is this new book page of which you speak? bc I heard about a stellar debut novel yesterday and it had the crusty NPR guy practically weeping just talking to the guy. It is called The Shock of the Fall. http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/news/mental-health-nurse-nathan-filer-wins-costa-first-novel-prize-with-the-shock-of-the-fall-9042362.html

    Novelist is a mental-health nurse and the book has been favorably compared to The Strange Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. I am all over it.

  6. Dr. Rosenrosen

    Those symptoms sound like the flu but thankfully it was just a cold. A very severe lingering cold. Happy that you are doing better!!!

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  8. glad you are on the road tor recovery, also thinking of instituting the Irish flu shot in my house. We just got a new wireless keyboard with built in mousepad and it is amazing for netlix on our tv. Lazy girls best friend.

  9. It must be an Irish sister thing. Your Netflix “list” matches mine. — Sorry about the cold. I was gonna to say that it’s the same cold but the older we get, the worse it feels, and the longer it takes to get over it, but that wouldn’t have been a very polite thing to say 😀 But YAY, YAY. YAY! for Katie being awake. That is enough blessing to take us all through the rest of the whole year!! ❤


  10. I saw Top of the Lake, too. It was okay, I guess, but it plodded along so slowly. Plus, I had to crank up the volume to catch everything. And that women’s commune was pretty weird. I think I missed something there!

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