The Thankful List as Parenting Tool

In an effort to get my teenager to appreciate all the good in her life, I have tasked her with writing a list of 50 items she is thankful for. It is due on Thursday. And because I love lists. I’m making my list right here, you lucky pilgrim bastards.

I am thankful for:

1. Ticonderoga #2 pencils

2. That I will have 12 loved ones for dinner tomorrow.


3. Diet Coke

4. Plastic surgeons who perform breast reduction surgery.

5. My bed

6. Dansko shoes

7. Dahlias

8. My followers, including CougarFlirts who just joined this week!

9. The Far Side


10. Sauteed Mushrooms

11. Cheese

12. Pinot Gris and her Italian cousin Pinot Grigio


13. Things made of pumpkin

14. Laughter


16. Frank Sinatra

17. Golf

18. Friends with Words

19. Central heating

20. Comfort movies (a list unto itself)

21. These jeans (the ones I have on, you can’t see them).

22. Gearhart

23. Memories

24. Stationery

25. Show tunes.

26. True Love

27. NY Times crossword puzzles

28. Good TV (another list all to itself)

29. Fundraising

30. Bacon


31. Yoga

32. Mornings

I don’t even need coffee!!!

33. Hope

34. Freedom of speech (it’s one of my fave freedoms because I talk a lot).

35. My brother because he is going to pick up the turkey so I don’t have to go to a store today!!!

36. Retin-A

37. Sea salt brownies

38. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. When you have the time, watch this episode. One of the best 25 minutes of TV EVER.

39. Books

40. Crayons

41. Purses

42.Reading glasses

43. Heated seats

44. Air conditioning (I think more important than heated seats).

45. Lists (no I’m not running out of ideas).

46. Theater (like live plays, although I’m a fan of movie theaters, too)

47. Movie theater popcorn

48. Kittens

49. My loved ones are safe and sound.

50. Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nope. No one is that attractive.
Nope. No one is that attractive.

12 thoughts on “The Thankful List as Parenting Tool

  1. Maggie, don’t forget about Pinot Grigo’s other cousin, Sav Blanc — I’m thankful for that. And Retin A is on my list. Never had sea salt brownies — sounds as if I’m missing something. Daisy Cakes — Google it, they’re awesome. My list is huge and like you, I’m thankful for all my followers are online friends — you and I go wayyyyy back. Happy Thanksgiving, Mags — to you and yours. xxoo

  2. I would have thought the song “What does the fox say” would have made the list. Hmmm. I am gong to have to listen to it again to see if it shold be on there……wait…my kids is singing it again..gotta run

  3. Addie

    I love the Chuckles episode–A little song, a little dance/A little seltzer down the pants– almost as much as I love the Thanksgiving turkey episode of WKRP in Cincinati. “As God is my witness, I swear I thought turkeys could fly!”

    Happy TDay, Miss Maggie and Company.

  4. “You lucky pilgrim bastards.”

    That KILLED me! Ha!

    Loved everything on this list, especially #5. In fact, the first words I say to the universe every morning as I awake are “Thank you for another night of restorative sleep, and THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING BED!”

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