My favorite veteran…

For anyone who has veteran in their lives who they miss.

don of all trades

Today is Veteran’s Day in the good ole’ US of A.

Americans take the weekend to reminisce about loved ones, friends and strangers who served or are still serving in the military.

I use to regret that I never did serve in the military, but I’ve gotten over that.

I recently read a post that asked if certain sounds or smells take us back to another time or bring back memories of a particular event.

There are two for me that I can almost smell and imagine as though I am experiencing them right now in the moment, and one of them involves my favorite veteran, my grandpa on my mom’s side.

I’ve written about Wife’s grandpa Bud before, and how I never did really get to know him as well as I might have been able to with a little prodding, but even Bud has to take a backseat…

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