Dude Goes Undercover To Gay Bar, Maintains ‘I’m Not Gay, Though!’

Because I’m too lazy to write anything of my own. You’re welcome.

San Diego, CA – US

In the Spring issue of Dudes and Bros, the nation’s leading (and only) magazine geared toward binge drinking, sports-loving, testosterone-excreting males aged 16-32, an exposé by Chad “Yaeger Maester” Yeager is being hailed as a breakthrough in bro-oriented journalism (or Bro-Jo).

Yeager, who describes himself as, ‘…a news dude, but, like, not all lame,’ eagerly set out to answer the long-standing question on the lips of many bros: “What’s up with gay dudes? I don’t got a problem with ‘em, but it’s, like, what’s up with that shit, ya know?”

To find out what was, in fact, up with gay men, Yeager went undercover to one of San Diego’s most renowned gay bars, You’ve Got Male.

In the article that begins, “I’m so not gay. I just wanna put that out there,” Yeager goes on to describe how he was able to effortlessly…

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