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I mentioned a couple of posts ago that overnight I had lost 130 followers.  I have 2,027 followers, 1,970 of whom are followers. That’s a crazy number and I know that many people are not reading my blog so who are these Followers in the Mist?

Tips Sukses Kerja is following me. This blog offers: Tipssukseskerja is the World of Work contains about where this blog will give you a solution about work issues you face everyday. We also provide web design and manufacture blog” So you might want to go check them out.

Haideeablog followed me although I’m sad to report this blog, with a sexy photo of an Asian woman, has been suspended by WordPress.

Just a week ago I was followed by and this one has a photo of an Asian man on it. I was a bit concerned about clicking on the link at work but NOT to worry! This appears to be a Vietnamese site selling computer innards. I’m sure they love getting caught up on my shenanigans!

KMSRAJ51 has a really fun blog. I’m going to just repost one of his jokes because it is a hoot! Wait for it….

*** Jokes **


अमेरिका, चीन और इंडिया की पुलिस एक साथ खरगोश खोजने निकली..
एक बार अमेरिका, चीन और इंडिया की पुलिस में बात हुई कि देखते हैं
तीनों में सबसे तेज कौन है????

उसके बाद एक खरगोश जंगल में छोड़ा गया और तीनों देश की पुलिस
को बारी-बारी से खरगोश को खोजने का काम दिया गया।

अमेरिकी पुलिस ने खरगोश को 2 दिन में खोज निकाला..

फिर चीन की पुलिस ने खरगोश को 1 हफ्त में ढूंढ़ निकाला।

अब बारी आई इंडियन पुलिस की.. खरगोश जंगल में छोड़ा गया..
इंडियन पुलिस 2 महीने तक वापस ही नहीं आई।

अमेरिका-चीन की पुलिस उनको खोजने पहुंची तो देखा..

इंडियन पुलिस बंदर को उल्टा लटका कर बुरी तरह पीट रही थी।
और बोल रही थी कि कबूल कर साले तू ही खरगोश है.. कबूल कर…

Think about it deeply !!!!!!!!!!

If you think about it deeply, you can see why I cracked up!

This is a good one: hairturkey45….for what else… hair transplants. This guy NEVER stops commenting on my blog!

Archangeltravel tells me to Smile! for I am at the Best WordPress Site Ever. Unfortunately, there is nothing there although they suggest I search and I may find something. Hmmm…very deep, I will think about that deeply, too.

Fatboyelite doesn’t exist but it is reserved so don’t think of starting a blog with that name.

2013kingqueen2013 is a blog about insurance, it appears they only blogged for a month. Can’t understand why that didn’t last.

I have these three followers in a row: Michael John, John Michael, John Michael. It’s weird but these three guys have very similar blog names: furniturestoresdallas, furniturestoredallas and dallasfurniturestores. Whoa! What the hell kind of coincidence is that?!

From my research it appears that about 5 months and 2 weeks ago something was let loose on WordPress because followers starting around then are nothing or they are spam for diet drugs or a page of some 20-something guy’s wallpaper which is the same photo of him over and over.

As a general rule, I don’t click on anything that has “massage” in the link, anything with “XX” in the title. I’m scared to click on goldenshits, don’t know what I’ll find there.  Flowersexoticadult and roboticgynaecology are also no-no’s. Wait! Roboticgynaecology. Wha?

Has anyone else had this happen to their blog? Even though on the surface, like you I’m sure if you had over 2000 followers, I’m flattered that I’m such a blogging sensation. Then reality takes a goldenshit on my head and I realize this is all too good to be true. Peace in Nigeria is no more real than the emails I get from the lawyer for that prince. Sigh.

WordPress, what is going on?

25 thoughts on “Follow You, Follow Me

  1. Maggie, it sounds to me like your site has become a spambot magnet. It would be nice if the WordPress Happiness Engineers could switch gears and instead of announcing yet another new theme, how about publishing a post about why there’s been such a proliferation of these phony followers so much this year? But I sooner anticipate world peace before that happens. I have my share of spam follewers, too, but on a much smaller scale than you.

    1. I guess I could actually go look at the WordPress boards and see if there is something written on there about it. That’s a lot of effort and I’ve already written a blog post, what do they want from me?!

        1. I just tried to figure out the WP support site and I can’t find anything about spam followers just spam comments and a lot of stuff about JetPack, I have no idea what that is.

  2. Geez Maggie, I’m sorry about your spam-bot traffic. I’ll raise my hand as a true-blue follower. If it’s any consolation, once I moved from to a self hosted site my followers dove down to almost nada, so at least me and the crickets are spam free. Weird thing is the podcast is doing well, but not driving them to the blog much. Social media in all of its forms is fascinating and crazy making. But I’m glad to still be entitled to your opinion.

    1. Thanks Laurie! I’d love to see how many real followers I have. I’m sure it’s a fraction of what WP says it is but that’s fine. I like getting to know the people who hang out here.

  3. I get a redonkulous amount of spam followers too. Just for funsies, today I went through and tried to find some real followers among all the junk ones. I think I went though about 40 before I got to someone who wasn’t selling real estate in Indonesia.

  4. I WISH wordpress would suspend some of my followers. I even wrote and asked about the guy who’s in jail waiting trial on child sex offences who reblogged a really personal poem of mine (I deleted the poem since I can’t get a response from him or action from them) – and they just directed me to their policies…he doesn’t offend them so he stays.

    Just one of many ‘followers’ like the ones you’ve highlighted 😉

    1. L, was that FP’d ? You did the post way better than I did. I actually reported one of these spammers to WP and the FBI since it was called Nudist Children and had photos of naked kids and naked men on it. Neat.

      Well done sister!

      1. No, it wasn’t FPed – but thanks for thinking it was worthy. As for the naked kids and men website, um…. EWWW. I thought my naked bicycle riders were bad enough. Bravo for bringing in the feds – I hope they locked them up. You wouldn’t think pervs like that would be so brazen as to actively seek out followers to an illegal blog. Aren’t they supposed to be hiding under a rock somewhere?

  5. I’m so glad you wrote this — I have very few followers anyway, but on top of that, some of them are fake! I hate that. I also hate the users that go through and just “follow” everyone’s blog to increase their own numbers, when they have no intention of ever reading your blog.

    1. I don’t understand why WP can block these. And I don’t know if they clear them out or how that works, losing 130 followers in a day seems high for me, even at my most offensive 🙂

  6. I’ve had an issue with that before too. I wonder what made the drop of 130 overnight though? So bizarre. Whenever I get a follow from an account that is in another language, I wonder if it’s spam. Do you get many of those?

  7. I had a few carpet cleaning companies follow me a few months back and then a trickle of other nonblogs for the next few weeks but it seems to have stopped now.

    That joke, though! Brilliant. All the better for being so long. Very atmospheric.

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