More Honeymoonage and Honeymoon Resolutions

I just ran the Google on “I am bored at work.” One of the results was a list of 30 things to do if you are bored at work. Two of the items on that list were “blog”. So that’s really only 29 things to do but who’s counting.

Fine. I’m bored. I will blog.

Last I blogged, Derwood and I had been to Central NY including our future hometown Skaneateles, Colgate University and the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

We left there and drove up to my mother’s birthplace, Rouses Point, NY. RP is on Lake Champlain, less than a mile from the Canadian border. When I say upstate, I mean UPstate. It was during a visit to my grandparents home when I was 10 that I decided I wanted to move to the East Coast. From then on, I focused on getting into an eastern college. And I did and then I was done having ambition.

Lake Champlain looking over at Vermont. The lake isn't looking over there but I was.
Lake Champlain looking over at Vermont. The lake isn’t looking over there but I was.

I hadn’t been to RP since my grandmother’s 80th birthday in 1987 but as we drove in the village I knew just where my grandmother’s house was because we drove by it and I could see it. And I took us right to my Aunt Kitty’s house because it is on one of two main roads in the village and she had every light in the house on.

The family at Mary's for spaghetti dinner.
The family at Mary’s for spaghetti dinner.

We had such a great time. I really do have such a fun and easy to hang out with family. My cousin Mary (to my left in the photo) and I have the same name just flipped. I’m Margaret Mary and she is Mary Margaret. Irish Catholics have about 10 names and they just change up the order and dole them out. Mary and her husband, Scott, and daughter Erin (who is doing a pretty good job of looking like Natalie Portman) live next door to her sister, my cousin, Tricia. Tricia and her husband, Matt have the cutest baby ever who is named John Matthew. My sister Molly’s son is named Matthew John, see how we do that? My Uncle Clifford and I are horsing around and you will see my Aunt on the right. As I told Deren, meeting KItty is the closest he will get in this life to meeting my mom. She looks just like her, talks just like her and has the same “say it like it is” personality. It made me so happy that Deren could see some of my mom’s history since he never got to meet her.

As some of my readers know, I’m a fan of cemeteries. Mary took us on a tour of family sites but my favorite marker was not of anyone related to me.’

In case you can’t read it:
James “Gus” Cusprinie
No fuss, no muss, in trouble, call Gus.
565-5555 HEAVEN
Born March 24, 1934
Relocated September 3, 1998

After a lovely couple of days with the fam, we headed off to Rhode Island. A very super lovely generous friend of mine loaned us her “Shanty” for a week in a little town on the Atlantic Coast. Have I mentioned that we had the quintessential New England sunny fall weather? The leaves everywhere were turning and gorgeous. The temperature was in the 70s. It was glorious.

Here is our little house, the perfect honeymoon getaway for us.

IMG_4815And here is our living room with my favorite part of the house, the screened french doors:

doorsHow cute is that?!

I loved walking around our little neighborhood and looking at the not little houses and the ubiquitous stone  walls. I want a stone wall.

This was my favorite house just a stone's throw from ours.
This was my favorite house just around the corner from ours.
Love the house. Love the wall. Love it all.
Love the house. Love the wall. Love it all.


They have wild bunnies there!
They have wild bunnies there!
The shuttered beach club just a two minute walk from our house.
The shuttered beach club just a two minute walk from our house.
Everything is better near the ocean.
Everything is better near the ocean.

Thanks to our host’s generosity we had the perfect home base for our daily adventures. We went to Newport, RI where Deren got one of his best haircuts ever.  We went to Bristol RI which is a darling town. One day we went to Sandwich on Cape Cod. I was going to take Derwood to Hyannis Paht because it’s easy and well-known, although a  bit touristy. That plan was changed when Derwood couldn’t get over the fact that there is a town on the Cape called Sandwich. So we went to Sandwich and it is a sweet little New England town where Derwood was able to buy an “Entering Sandwich” refrigerator magnet.

Quite serendipitously, on our way to the Cape we were also able to find a Kohl’s for Deren to use his Kohl’s gift card.  It’s not like you see Kohl’s stores just anywhere. There certainly isn’t one less than 10 miles from our house in Portland. Nope, we had to travel ALL the way to Massachusetts to find a Kohl’s. Apparently that gift card was burning a hole through his pocket and into his flesh because he had to use that thing or no one was going to get any respite from “Do you think there’s a Kohl’s there?”

And last but not least, we went to Battleship Cove in Fall River, Mass. If you ever have the opportunity to tour a WWII battleship, take it! This was one of the most impressive “exhibits” I have ever seen in my life. I would post more photos but they are all on Deren’s phone. Exploring the USS Massachusetts was humbling and exciting and surprising. They had a soda fountain on board, like a soda counter for cokes and grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream. There everyone was equal, officers had to wait in line just like sailors did. I have no idea how they slept in cots suspended from walls and ceilings and saved the world from tyranny.

ussmassPlease read this from a veteran upon his return to his ship. I read it and reread it and cried.

vetletterSo there is a quick run through of our honeymoon. And these are my honeymoonelutions:

  1. Move to Skaneatles once kids are out of high school
  2. Stop wearing make up
  3. Stop looking for a job and spend the next year putting together a manuscript. What the heck, I have to at least try.

12 thoughts on “More Honeymoonage and Honeymoon Resolutions

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re bored at your Grind. I’m always busy and bored at mine. I love Gus’s gravestone. It almost makes me wish I’m not such a big fan of cremation. The gotcha shot of the bunny was great.

  2. Loved your pics, Maggie and I’ve been to some of those places which are just so great, so picturesque. I love Cape Cod. Do the manuscript thing. I’m giving into that and telling myself to stop worrying about the perfect job. It doesn’t exist. But maybe a really good piece of writing does and I think you most definitely have the talent for it. Go for it. And I’d love to read whatever you crank out of that mind of yours. xo

  3. Omg, stone walls are so the way forward. I just have a brick wall. Shoddy.

    Although I have a ‘rockery’ in the back garden. I say rockery. I mean, ‘pile of stuff from when we last tidied up the garden.’

    How are the honeymoonelutions going?

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