This Is Getting Ridiculous

I have no idea what my problem is. I have lost my blogjo (it’s like mojo but with a keyboard). I am amazed to say that I have 2149 followers and I’m pretty sure 14 of those are actual people who read my stuff. I have been Freshly Pressed twice. I have a good gig here and yet, I’m being a dick and not blogging.  I have plenty that I want to tell you but now I’ve left it for so long you don’t care anymore and the post would be like 3000 words and no one would read anything beyond this paragraph knowing that they would have to really commit and it’s Wednesday and who needs that kind of pressure?

Derwood and I went on our honeymoon.

We went to visit my family in Skaneateles NY. We went to see Colgate U. my alma mater. We went to Cooperstown NY to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. We went to Rouses Point NY for more of my mom’s side of the family and then we went to Rhode Island and stayed in a dear friend’s little cottage and had 6 days to ourselves and it was fabulous!

Skaneateles is a village on one of Central New York’s Finger Lakes, Lake Skaneateles (makes sense). I have an aunt and a cousin who live there and Derwood and I have decided in seven years we are moving there. I really miss the East Coast and this village is so cute, property values are reasonable, I have family there, Deren loves it, closer to my Colgate pals and if I have a kid in NYC, I’m not far away! This is a photo of me and Rega who is my aunt but also my friend. She was married to my Uncle John for 30 years before his untimely death in 2009. I have never before met anyone whose heart has been broken but now I have. Rega’s heart broke when John died. As I tell her, few are able to say they had that much time with the love of their life so there is a bit of a silver lining. Rega is a great hostess and Italian so spent a lot of time asking us if we wanted some food.

Me and Rega in her backyard, please note lake.
Me and Rega in her backyard, please note lake.

My cousin Randy lives in town with his wife Sheila and their darling children. They have raised really nice, charming, polite, funny kids and that is all good in my book. Randy and my brother John have never met but they look a lot alike and behave a LOT alike. Interesting how DNA works like that.


So there’s that for Skaneateles. Honeymoon resolution #1: move there.

Then we drove the 60 minutes to Hamilton NY to see Colgate one of my most favorite places on earth.  See, it’s pretty.

colgate stream
I’m writing a caption because I can’t get the cursor to move down below these pictures.
Still looking for the cursor.
Up at the top of the hill looking for the cursor.

There we go, just not working at all. No wonder no one wants to read this, after almost two years I don’t know how the hell to physically type in a blog.

While strolling the campus and showing Derwood my dorm, we saw this gentleman stroll by:

Philosophy Professor
Philosophy Professor

This photo does not do justice to the spectacle that was this man walking across the quad with his “I am so totally a college professor” stride and outfit.  Ahhhh academia.

We went to the bookstore and I bought a bunch of t-shirts for the kids and a pair of Colgate reading glasses and a Colgate key chain. I went to college at Colgate and I have a whole bunch of shit to prove it.

Thennnnnnn we went to Cooperstown NY to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I’m not a baseball fan. I’m not not a baseball fan. Baseball is fine. Derwood is a big baseball fan. I don’t care if you are or aren’t, this is a fabulous museum and I’m so glad we went, it’s really fun and educational. Who knew the Chicago Cubs used to be called the Chicago Orphans? anyone? The only part that annoyed me was seeing Mark Maguire and Barry Bonds in there, cheaters.

Derwood in Cooperstown
Derwood in Cooperstown

I will write more tomorrow or next month. Have you noticed the ads at the bottom of my blog? I don’t know where those came from.  Sorry I suck so bad.

I have a couple more resolutions….oh you think I’m just going to tell you, right here? Now? No.

You’ll have to come back to find out.

That was a stupid conclusion. I’m just a bad blogger.

41 replies to “This Is Getting Ridiculous

  1. Mags, sounds as if you had a great time on your honeymoon and you’re making me homesick for those upstate New York places which are beautiful and feel so good at this time of year. I think everyone is suffering from bad blogger malaise but I did write a prompt from the Tipsy Lit prompt (my first post in a while) so I want you to go to my blog and read it because someone wrote the WP email notifications aren’t working and people aren’t getting notifications. But I’m getting mine. Maybe the story I wrote just sucks and no one wants to comment. Figures.

    Anyhoo, nice to see you and maybe Fall will spew forth a plethora of blogging fervor. How’s that for some descriptive writing shite? Welcome back.

    1. I hope you are happily settling (settled) into your new digs. I really need some ass kicking to get myself back into the game. I really love your post today. I know I have said this before but again I think this is one of my favorites!

    1. woohooo! 15! Score!
      Thanks and Cooperstown is fantastic, the village is beautiful and entirely about baseball, it’s funny. The museum is great and the actual Hall of Fame is impressive. It was really interesting seeing how many veterans are in there.

  2. Great images Mag! I had no idea that the Colgate campus is so idyllic. It seems to me that you had a terrific honeymoon and now you’re back and you’re not “feeling it” for blogging. I think that’s natural. If I’m still writing LA in January, that will be the start if the fifth year. Compared to you my following is shrimpy and I’ve only been FPeed once. I suspect that my irreverence toward the WP hoo haas is not very effective campaigning. This post shows me you still have it in you. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re a good writer and you have an excellent eye.

    1. oh well shucks. I really do miss everyone and if we could just have lunch, I wouldn’t have to blog at all.

      Colgate is idyllic. I’m happy to say that even when I was there, I would stop myself almost everyday and think, “I am so lucky to be here. this is so beautiful.”

  3. Did you see Marty McFly hanging around that professor?

    Good to ‘see’ you, and glad you had a lovely honeymoon. ♡

  4. The 14 people count more than the thousands and are glad of anything you blog, whenever 🙂 I had a bit of a spat with one of the WP admin prompters last year over the whole issue of ‘regular, daily, hourly, giving readers what they expect malarkey’ – honestly, there is so much to read on the internet and bloggers to follow, that I don’t think everyone should stress so much about regular postings, who has the time to read everyone they follow every day??!!. If people like reading you, they’ll still be here next time you have something to post about, and if they’re pouting in a corner because they were sat by the computer waiting for a regular posting at Friday, 4.55pm precisely then there’s something wrong with THEM not you!! xx I regularly disappear from my blog for weeks on end, might explain why I only have 500 followers after all this time, but I started blogging to try and further develop my writing skills, and to be inspired by other writers, and I’m not charging readers a subscription fee so I get to set the terms and conditions 🙂

      1. YES! so glad you understood what I was hinting at because I’ve made a similar comment somewhere else and it’s been misconstrued as if I’m saying WP have set rules!! Prompts are great ….. sometimes, I find the interviews with bloggers who have a gazillion followers a little bit more pressurising….!

  5. because you were on your honeymoon, I will forgive you that you were SO CLOSE to me. Maybe I’ll see you in seven years 🙂

  6. Oh Ms. Maggie, I’ve stolen…er borrowed your blogjo…so why can’t *I* think of clever photo captions and pithy sayings at the drop of a fedora? :::sigh::: Guess Blogjo only works for its originator. Fear not, sucketh you don’t!

  7. Aaah, losing ones blogjo. I fear its contagious – I regret to inform you that five out of six bloggers whose pennings I follow have bailed, myself included. Maybe its something in the air that has caused so many of us to step back and reconsider our blogging future. It’s addictive, it’s heartwarming and best, you even get to meet and become friends with some readers. That’s the good side. The bad? Wake up and think, shi*, I gotta blog today. What will I write about that will be funny and insightful and maybe even get me Fresh Pressed for a third time?

    Not that I would ever encourage you to quit, but I will say there’s something so gosh darn lift-a-huge-weight-off-the-shoulders-exhilarating about the day after you are sure you are going to quit. There’s a little feeling of remorse, readers email and want to see if you are alright, or ask you to reconsider, but I held strong, fought the urge to get back in the game.

    No more carrying the camera around. No more checking comments or traffic. No more answering questions from family “what are you going to blog about today?” The worst for me was when my 95 year old mother would tell me she didn’t like a blog post or say, “gee, so few people commented!” I love her dearly but that was a lot to bear.

    My two cents is one either blogs daily or regularly enough that readers know to check back often or get out. I have a couple of blogger friends who post like once every three months. Like huh? Why bother?

    But DO post photos of your stay in Rhode Island with “dear friends”. They must be remarkable to let you stay in their home. I’d like to meet them!


  8. We are so similar, it kills me. The blogjo – it’s so elusive! Let’s make a pact to blog at least once a week in November? I’ll send you weekly alerts! OMG never mind IDK if I could deal with the pressure to a) blog weekly, and b) send the weekly alerts.

    Also, WTF is up with the ads? They’re on my blog too and I’m so over them. They’re so unsightly!

    1. You don’t hear the word “unsightly” enough. Thank you Nic for throwing it out there. Did you know there is that thing in November where people post every day?! I would start drinking during the day with that sort of pressure on me.

  9. OK, that professor is such a poseur. He’s like, what, 29? Trying to look 79? He so bleaches his hair white. Or maybe I’m just jealous that I’m not a hipster professor at a small, private college.

    1. Ina, I can’t even explain to you how hilarious this guy was and how seriously he was taking himself as a hipster professor at a small private college. He was strutting very purposefully most likely to get into his old Saab and go meet for a glass of something old and red and talk about how existential he is.

  10. And now we know that not all cyber bullies are teenagers, at least not chronologically.

    This professor, a copyrighted photo of whom you illegally posted on this website, would probably be delighted to know how young you think he is.

    1. If you have a bone to pick with me, be brave enough to put your name on your comment. I am not going to debate anything with “Anonymous”. Photo courtesty of

  11. I think I am in the midst of trying to get my blogjo back. Nowadays, when I think about writing a post, I’m like ‘what on earth did I used to write about?’ How did you get it back?

    LOVING the pictures. Your world is so beautiful 🙂

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