Let’s Talk About Gratitude

I am grateful that I read this first thing this morning. I’m grateful there is a reblog button for me to click on. I’m grateful that my sister is coming to town today. I’m grateful that Derwood and I are leaving town on Saturday before I forget what he looks like. And then all the typical stuff that one is to be thankful for…like Diet Coke.

The N!colas Blog

The other day I had the privilege of sitting in on an intimate luncheon event at MTV for Hispanic Heritage Month, which featured an interactive chat with the network’s resident chica Melanie Iglesias, star of Guy Code/Girl Code/Guy Court.

In addition to being a presence on approximately nine thousand MTV shows, Melanie is a freaking hottie. Such a hottie, in fact, that her initial break into the entertainment industry happened as a result of being selected by Maxim magazine out of 7,000 girls as the #1 Hometown Hottie of 2010. The woman is stunning.

I mean, see for yourself:

In spite of this fact, though — because let’s face it, I’m the gayest man ever and so female hotness can only go so far in terms of winning my admiration — what I like most about Melanie is her relentlessly positive spirit and overall #GoodEnergy.

When asked about…

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3 replies to “Let’s Talk About Gratitude

  1. I’m grateful that Danda arrived home yesterday with, literally, a bag full of icecream. I’m grateful I had the forethought to bake a plum honey cake in the morning to eat with the ice cream.

    Just saying.

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