Blog Stuff Because I Can’t Even Think of a Title

It’s me. The absent blogger.

I’ve been meaning to blog very important things but I’m too lazy. I think I’m lazy because I really can’t stand my job. It is so frustrating to be gone from home where I could be getting things done to be in an office doing nothing. Sure it’s fun for the first 6 months but almost 3 years in, not so much. I have applied for two jobs in the non-profit world and just signed a contract to do an event that will be held in February.

You know what I didn’t blog and should have? Oh, just a dinner date I had on a Friday night at Mother’s Bistro in Portland. A place I have written about before in one of my more traumatic posts.  

As many of you know I work on another blog called TipsyLit. A few weeks ago there was a post on Tipsy about Unexpected Reality. That post kept running through my head when I met my dinner dates for dinner at Mother’s.  Unexpected Reality. I think of that as something I just didn’t see coming. I was ready for one thing and got another. I thought it was milk but it was water.

I had dinner with Lisa of a Gripping Life and her daughter Lily of Lily in Canada!!! They are as wonderful as I knew they would be! Unexpected reality: they are tall. I just never pictured them as tall. I’m short and they are in the 6′ neighborhood. Please see below.

Well you can't really see in this one because I was "fixing" my hair. But you can see Lily, she's tall. And funny.
Well you can’t really see in this one because I was “fixing” my hair. But you can see Lily, she’s tall. And funny.
While lighting is bad, you can see the unexpected height of Lily and Lisa. I had on heels.
While lighting is bad, you can see the unexpected height of Lily and Lisa. I had on heels. And as you can tell by our eyes, we are all possessed which is why we got on so well.

We had a fantabulous time. I only wish they could have stayed for the weekend.  This was my first blogger meet fact to face and I loved these ladies!


OK, so I mentioned I am part of another blog, TipsyLit. The TipsyLit crew would like to feature blogger/authors regularly. There are many blogs that post interviews with authors; we at Tipsy are looking for published authors (self published or with a publisher) who are bloggers in our community. I have started up a list featuring of course my pal LameAdventures, you can buy her book here.  I have started a list of potential interview subjects and would like your help. If you are published and would like to be featured on TipsyLit please let me know either in the comments or at:  Or if you have recommendations for authors of blogs you follow, I want to hear from you! You want to be on TipsyLit….we are hot stuff. Simon and Schuster tweeted a TipsyLit book review just this morning!!!


And now for some hilarity that I found on Arden’s page:


50 replies to “Blog Stuff Because I Can’t Even Think of a Title

  1. Umm… Unexpected reality… Something Fat Happened was really something petite and beautiful happened. It was a magical evening, and by “magical” I mean hilarious and fun to talk about all of our blogging friends. Oops, did I just write that? Well, okay, what did everyone think we were going to do? The gossip was as tasty as the actual food we were consuming, right? But we’re no haters… Well, maybe Lily is. Lol!
    This was a real treat — I would recommend meeting fellow bloggers if the opportunity comes up.
    I want you to know, Maggie, that I’m writing this on an airplane returning from Atlanta. I look forward to the day when my life slows down and I have some normalcy and balance.
    Hope you’re well, my beautiful and hilarious friend. Xoxox

    1. Lisa, you are too kind! Wow we had fun though. I’m bummed I wasn’t in on any of the house shopping but she’ll be back or I will go to Chi Town. Can’t wait to hear more of your travels. xoxox

  2. Well shoot. You guys look like you had a great time. I thought I’d see Lisa when she was down this a way but I didn’t hear back from her! (I think she may have been busy — ?? ahem!) I realllllly wanted to and hey Mags, if you’re ever down this way, lemme know. I’m in the short group with you. But since I haven’t heard back from my friend, Lisa, now I’d like to know what was said. Trust me, I can take it.

    I’d liked to be interviewed and now that things are settling down, I’d love to get involved — if you need anyone on Tipsy Lit. Food for thought. Or wine for thought.

    Take care, Mags. xxoo

      1. Brigitte got big love, too! Yes, indeed. Many ears must have been ringing.
        I really do fantasize about having a party for this group… How amazing would that be? And we already know we get along! No surprises! We’ve all been fully vetted.

    1. I’ll email you, lady. I think we got our wires crossed. I Don’t think I got your email until I got home? but yeah, I was slightly busier toward the end of the week! Lol!
      Wouldn’t a big get together be fun? If we planned it a year in advance? I think there’s a screen play there, right?

      1. not so ex-Pat for a Canadian, but they can be rabble rousers–I believe their President came to Canada once (about 30 or so years ago or even longer) and suggested that Quebec leave Canada–and that question is still on the table–I do have a French last name though–so I do have some sort of loose alliance

    1. I’m with you on the Paris trip, even though I’ve been MIA. You are all in my thoughts everyday- whether I want you there or not! LOL!
      Just going through a rough patch, do me a favor and keep me in your prayers, LouAnn. Especially tonight.. 🙂

      1. You are most certainly in my prayers–sorry about the rough times–wish I could smooth them over for you. Seriously, I am going to win the lottery and we will all go some place where there are lots of books and wine and good conversations. Lisa–I think of you often too–:)
        (why especially tonight–do not answer if you do not want to)

        1. I have a big ‘sliding door’ decision to make and it will impact the next few years of my life. I have childhood trauma triggering me and making me feel emotionally paralyzed, with regard to this decision.
          Thanks for the love and support, Lou Ann. 🙂

          1. I have been paralyzed too–by many things–it is an awful feeling–one that takes over and you have to break through it–as we speak I am trying to break through mine–
            our decisions can be life altering–I find I have to slow down and consider, then make a decision–if I am rushed I cannot get out of the paralysis–I do not know if this helps you at all–I wish you the best in making your decision(s)–we have to put the past behind us but it is so very very hard–that which is ingrained is difficult to erase or forget–I wish you the best and my prayers my friend–(((hugs)))

          2. Oh, Lou Ann. Can you believe I’m just getting to this message? I had a very difficult week. Last Wednesday was zero hour and I had to make a decision to move from my home of 16 years. (I got a full price offer on my home) Moving without knowing where I’ll go was /is like falling into an abyss. Very scary. I so appreciated the prayers. I think it becomes a question of faith, when all is said and done. Do I have faith that God will see me through this and lead me to the best end? That’s what I concluded. I must have faith that, “all things will work to the good.” (I put that in quotes even though I’m not sure if that’s exact! LOL! I think the apostle Paul, said that.) I think having faith is the key to our paralysis.
            I have childhood triggers from my own parents divorce and my mother’s move following the divorce. I remember people telling her that she made a big mistake and that her decisions were “stupid.” I think that stuck with me all these years and so when I found myself in the same situation, I replayed that tape over and over again. Thus, the paralysis. I have such a fear of making a mistake that it’s almost out of context to the situation at hand. That’s how you know it’s deeper than what it appears on the surface.
            I love you for your wise words. You have been a presence of calm and goodness in a turbulent sea of anxiety. I think we both have a lot of empathy for one another where this is concerned. You’ve validated my feelings, and in doing so, have lightened my burden. Thanks, sweet friend. 🙂
            I hope to get back to my blogging friends soon. I miss you!!
            Lots of love!!

  3. Good grief! The three of you are the tall and short of funny and good looking! My ears didn’t burn and I’m thinking this is a good thing? Paris sounds like a great meeting place, except the only French I know is Ou est (fill in the blank)? and how to sneer. Unless they answer in English, we are screwed–although the sneering does help at that point. At least we can all catch up on what every one of us is doing, since the ‘hood has been a bit slow this summer.

    1. We’ll be next. That’s a promise. Now that you know of my full stature, as seen by the eyes of miss O’Connor, you can be extra frightened of the prospect that I will wrestle you to the ground. That is, until you give me the one librarian blue stink eye.

  4. Oh, Maggie, why did I think you got a sort of promotion and more interesting responsibilities? My imagination? If that’s the case, I’ll keep imagining until it’s true! xoxoM

  5. Hey thanks for the shout out, Mag.

    Your blogger buds do look like guest stars from Land of the Giants. If I joined you in that shot, I’m so short people would assume I was sitting.

    I completely relate to your resentment about The Grind sucking up so much of the day, it gets in the way of writing and living. The drag is that by the time I can afford to retire I imagine all I’ll want to do by then is sleep. I can foresee defining active by that point as rolling over.

  6. A random comment because I’m too LazyLauraMaisey to think up something meaningful to write here – Firstly, Lily and Lisa are indeed very tall. They make you look miniscule. Secondly, I am not a published author. Thirdly, poor Carl.

    1. Judy! I miss you! Sorry I’ve been MIA. I’m going through some major shite. I hope to be back soon. Meeting Maggie was AMAZING!! Surreal to be sitting across from her at dinner and laughing about all of us.
      Hope you’re well and happy, lady. Sending my love and positive vibes your way… xoxoxox

  7. I’m so glad that I’m not the ONLY absent blogger! Also, I imagine that if you and I were ever to meet face-to-face (which, OMG, how epic would that be?) it would be a very similar situation to the above! I’m all like, 6’3″ and strikingly masculine in person…. but then my speaking voice is that of Zazu’s from the Lion King… so it all kind of balances out, I suppose.

    1. Nic, we would have the best time! Drinking, being embarrassing, checking out boys and me “helping” you meet cute guys. I am ages older than you but really can behave very 20 something-ish. God help most of the world when I am unleashed.

      How’s the book coming?

      1. “God help most of the world when I am unleashed.” We really are twins! LOL.

        I love the finished book, but the road to publication appears to be quite the long one. I’m trusting that this will all work out for the highest good of myself and the entire book-reading world, who all CLEARLY want to know about my storied dating history!

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