The 2013 End of Summer Magapalooza Extravaganza!

I haven’t been blogging much, thanks for noticing. And when one stops blogging regularly, one’s readers tend to drift off to read other blogs that actually post new material. This is not news to anyone and it happens, unfortunately. But I can’t blame blog readers, after all we have the attention spans of gnats so must go find a new shiny object. If gnats like shiny objects. I don’t know if they do. Nevermind.

HOWEVER, I have been at this blogging game for a good while (almost two years, in like four months it will be two years) and I have a strategery for reeling my followers back in. You wanna know what it is? Return to blogging with a post that really will interest no one but my family and probably not even them, and do it on the Friday before Labor Day weekend!!!

Ta Dahhhh!!!

This move is blogging genius and should guarantee me probably six or seven readers today alone!


In other news I’m winning the Facebook contest!!!

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook:

Maggie: Deren Johnson what should we do for your birthday?
Deren: I don’t know.
Maggie: It’s on a Sunday, so do you want to make plans?
Deren: It’s on a Thursday.
Maggie: No, the 8th is a Sunday.
Deren: My birthday is the 5th.


And you know what? That little conversation, which took place Wednesday night, got the most comments on any Facebook post I have ever made. Thus I am winning the Facebook contest!!!

Of course, one reason there were so many comments is because Donofalltrades can’t keep his yap shut thus causing me and my friends to comment more about how right I am even though Derwood thinks his birthday is September 5. And yes Don, I took care of him.

“Maggie, what Facebook contest?” you may ask. Why the Facebook contest in my head. I am winning my own contest that no one else knows about!!


We had a fabulous vacation at the beach. We played golf once because the greens fees were $75 per person which is INSANE for a tiny little village course. I think that includes a $25 “you have nowhere else to golf” fee. My pals Trish and Lisa and my seester Katie and I played tennis which was super fun and I think Trish and I won.

I. Am. Winning.

We saw whales swimming/spouting south for the winter which is quite a spectacle. I’ve never seen whales off the coast of Gearhart.

Derwood saved a bird. He noticed this bird flopping around in the shallow water and because he is the wonderful man that he is, he called a wildlife rescue who met us on the beach and took the murre to hang out with other baby murres till they are old enough to fly. While waiting for the rescue people, the bird just sat on the beach with us and we could pet it and I even carried it. And I washed the bird shit out Derwood’s jacket once we unloaded the bird.

Derwood holding rescued murre chick.
Derwood holding rescued murre chick.

And we walked the Historic Ridge Path in Gearhart which winds through a very old section of town with lots of darling historic houses. Here is a photo of Derwood and me on the Ridge Path. It’s a shame that Derwood’s eyes are closed but I look fabulous. Yep, just won my own photo contest. I am such a winner.



You know who else is winning? The TipsyLit blog! We are doing so well and there is news there which I will let Ericka announce when the time is right. My next Tipsy post will be Thursday, September 5 (supposedly also Derwood’s birthday but we’ll just see about that.) Please check out the blog and let me know if you are interested in submitting a piece for us. I am the submissive submissions editor so I can make or spank break you!


I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are rejoicing if you have kids who have returned or are returning to school. Yay for school!  Everyone in the U.S., please enjoy our long weekend celebrating working with a lot of alcohol and grilled meat. Not that that’s what we work with necessarily but you know celebrating, like a barbecue. Nevermind.

And for those of you outside the U.S., sorry you have to work on Monday.



21 replies to “The 2013 End of Summer Magapalooza Extravaganza!

  1. My daughter recently thanked FB for reminding her it was her anniversary, so, I guess there good to be said about that bit of social media after all.

    Excellent return to blogging post. Now, if we can lure Lisa back, all will be well with the Force.

    1. Ads, if Derwood hadn’t said something I would either have completely missed his birthday or found out about it on Facebook. I had it written down on the 8th, all about the 8th!

      I’ve turned my notifications back on so I will be waiting for Lisa to get back in the game.
      Have a good weekend!

  2. OMG, the intro to this post KILLED ME. Ha! I now crave #vacation and #golf and #WINNING. Side note: Can you PLEASE tell me how one finds men who save birds? I need one.

    1. Um, and I look fabulous, right? Nic! You didn’t mention that I look fabulous!

      I didn’t know when I found him that he saved birds, that’s just the luck of the draw and hanging out in the right bars.

      1. Omg, the MOST fabulous! Seriously, and I’m not even kidding, you’re the skinniest! Yet another secret of yours I need to learn. I need to drink Maggie-potion.

  3. Congrats on all your good mojo lady. The FB convo is for sure The winningest of all time and eternity.
    Happy Labor Free Day.

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