You, Too, Can be a Tipsy Writer

I haven’t written much about my latest blogging endeavor, Tipsy Lit. That’s probably because it’s not my endeavor but I have jumped on the glittery yoga pants coat tails of Ericka Clay at Creative Liar and I’m part of the Tipsy Lit Blog Crew. The blog grew out of Ericka’s and Goodread’s love child, Tipsy Lit Book Club which I joined because if I have to be in a book club, I don’t want to pretend it’s not actually a drinking club.

Why do you care? I’ll tell you why you care… because you know what I do at the Tipsy Lit blog? Other than blindly follow Ericka’s scheduling demands and get most of them wrong?

I. Am. A. Submissive. Editor.

So, spank me.

No, not really.

I am a SUBMISSIONS editor. I review writing submitted to the blog and decide what will be published.

I follow a lot of blogs and I have read a LOT of great essays, fiction and poetry.  I’m looking at you Unfettered BS, Arden (why in the hell is the author of “Musings of a Dancing Wino” not in our Tipsy Club?!) , my Irish boyfriend Mike Calahan (I think I have a cousin named that, too) at B.L.O.G. , LaLa whom I have personally Skype drank with, and the very talented Brigitte, who I go waaaayyy back with in blog years. There are tons of you out there who can write much better than I. I excel at sitting in judgement.

You all should be writing for Tipsy Lit! See how to make my job easier right here.



24 replies to “You, Too, Can be a Tipsy Writer

  1. My girl, Maggie. I too drink wine and write and some of my best prose comes from that. How do I not know about this? Thank you, my beautiful friend for mentioning me. You and I do go wayyyyy back. I love you for your fierceness and honesty (I always have!) and you, so much braver than me put it all out there. You are such a wonderful writer and to still have you in my blogging world, well I still must be doing something right. Much love, Mags. xxoo

  2. Umm… Anyone clever enough to come up with Misc. Maggie is brilliant in my book. You can put Brigitte and Audra and our friend Dawn form the Motherland in there, too. All of you rock the writing world. Feel like such a hanger on. LOL!!! Haha!

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