The Camping Trip: Blog 2

I think the problem with the camping blog posts is that I went camping with Camper Man. If you sent me out in the wilderness alone, this would have been way funnier. The amount of panicking I did with Deren is nothing compared to the frenzy I would have whipped up for myself.

When the lady told us about C1, I was frantic. I knew if I didn’t get that camp spot the adventure would be ruined. I couldn’t believe that Derwood drove the speed limit of 10 to C1….move! hurry! drive!!! What if someone beats us to C1!?!?! We FINALLY arrived after driving for what seemed like 4 minutes; put the stuff out and Derwood went to pay the $10 fee. I panicked that someone would come and tell me we had to move our stuff, that we couldn’t really have the precious C1. Apparently that’s not how it works. It was fine.

We took care of business at C1 and then put on our swimsuits and took off to the river to go fishing!

Beautiful Wilson River full of slippery round rocks.
Beautiful Wilson River full of slippery round rocks.

Derwood is like a freaking mountain goat walking over rocks down the river. While I timidly stepped from rock to rock terrified I would fall and get my book wet.

We found a good spot to fish and I sat on a rock next to Derwood as he cast his line and reeled it in. He caught and released a few small trout. I thought it was very sad and declined to learn how to fish so Deren got bored. I read and looked around at all the nature. It was amazing to me that the only sound I could hear was the water rushing over the rocks. That’s it. No traffic. No people. No TV. No music. Just the water.

This is Deren getting the hook out of one of the fishies. You have to look really close but he’s holding the fish in the water. I think the best fishing is done in a fish market.

After the fishing, I suggested we go swimming. There was a little rapid where we could slide out on the rocks and then slide in and the current steered us downstream and then we could swim to the shallows. I loved it! I swam back up stream (I’m like a salmon) and did it again and again like a kid. I have never gone swimming in a river like out in nature in the woods.

Me sitting on a rock with my feet right in the water. That's naturey of me.
Me sitting on a rock with my feet right in the water. That’s naturey of me.
Hard to believe this is less than an hour from downtown Portland.
Hard to believe this is less than an hour from downtown Portland.

Now for the big reveal…..the rope between the trees??

Ta Dahhhhh!!!! Clothes line.
Ta Dahhhhh!!!! Clothes line.

I did finally have to go to the Vault.

This is a generic photo of a Vault not my specific Vault.

toiletAnd the bathroom was very clean.  I was careful to look only at the ceiling and run out right quick back to the hand sanitizer that we bought on our trip into Tillamook. I preferred the Vault once it was dark and I was in there with a flashlight because I had no chance of seeing what was in the vault. And with enough wine in me, the Vault turned into a tree by our camp spot.

By the way, Tillamook is a town on the Oregon Coast where Tillamook Cheese is made. Lots of cows there. I would like to pet a cow.tillamook-medium-cheddar-18385-238z

Yamhill Wine Country. Photo courtesy
Yamhill Wine Country. Photo courtesy

That’s it. We had steak and potatoes and superfood salad for dinner. I slept like a baby, a really tired camping baby. And we got up and packed it all in and drove home through the beautiful wine country of Yamhill Valley, Oregon. Done.

19 replies to “The Camping Trip: Blog 2

  1. Petting a cow is actually a lot of fun… until the inevitable happens (your dad takes them to the butcher shop so we can eat)…. not cool dad, not cool. That being said I love the Tilamook cheese (yes I realize it has nothing to do with cows, who produce milk, who could totally make cheese).

    Oh, other random though – You should so be on that Bear Grylls show Get Out Alive… you’re a camping fool, I’m sure you’d fit in with all your naturey goodness.

  2. I’m shocked that you’ve never swam in river rapids before. Well done Maggie. Lovely toes.
    You’re a good wife. Thank God I’m not married to a camper dude

    1. Thank you and have you swum in river rapids? I don’t go outside that much so I haven’t bumped into any. As long as I have an air mattress and my good pillow, I can be a camper dudette.

  3. Maggie, what’s the point of fishing if it’s just catch and release? Those hooks must hurt. Remember when Ben Stiller’s Ted character got the fish hook in the cheek in There’s Something About Mary? It was hilarious but it also looked painful.

    Glad you survived your weekend of getting naturey.

  4. Your pedicure looks wonderful, and held up well in the wilderness. The slide/swim sounded fun, however in my brain, I’d see myself smashing into a huge boulder, blood and brain and bone shards everywhere, helicopter flying in, someone making the decision to pull the plug or not, and the whole time I’d be lying there, knowing I should have waxed.

    It’s best to leave me home.

    Glad you had fun! I love Tilamook, BTW.

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